Deadline for the submission of papers is Jun 1, 2011. Contributed papers and schedule of contributed talk will be available on this web site before July 31, 2011. Deadline for corrections to papers is September 18, 2011.

At the beginning of the Conference all participants will receive a CDROM with the pdf camera-ready copy of all the papers. At the registration desk, participants will have the option to buy a hard copy of the final version of the proceedings. By the end of the year every registered participant will receive a hard copy of the Rapporteur and Highlight and Invited Talks. This volume will also include a CDROM with the final versions of the contributions.

All papers should be written in English. Either Microsoft Word or LaTeX can be used. However, if both options are equivalent for you, we would prefer LaTeX. In any case, the output must be converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) before submission.

There are two zipped files for the proceeding template: icrc2011.rar  can be unzipped by winRAR.exe in Microsoft Windows, and icrc2011.tar.gz can be unzipped by tar in Linux. Both zipped files consist of the following files:

¡      icrc2011.tex: the template file in Latex;

¡      icrc2011.sty: the Latex style file, which must be in the same directory of your Latex source;

¡      icrc2011_logo.eps: the icrc2011 logo, which must be in the same directory of your Latex source;

¡      icrc2011_fig01.eps: an example of figure;

¡      icrc2011.pdf: PDF file generated from icrc2011.tex;

¡      icrc2011.doc: the template file in Microsoft Words;

¡      icrc2011_doc.pdf: PDF file generated from icrc2011.doc.

The following convention should be used to name your files:

¡      icrc$$$$.tex

¡      icrc$$$$.doc

¡      icrc$$$$_fig$$.eps

¡      icrc$$$$.pdf

where $$$$ stands for the ICRC identification number of your abstract written with four digits (e.g., the manuscript corresponding to the abstract number 88 translates into icrc0088.pdf). All source files, together with the final pdf file, must be submitted to in a single compressed package, named icrc$$$$.tar.gz or icrc$$$$.zip.

ATTENTION: The proceedings will be printed in blackwhite mode, in particular for figures used in the proceedings.

The length of each paper is as follows:

¡      within 20 pages for Plenary talks,

¡      within 10 pages for for Highlight talks,

¡      within 20 pages for Rapporteur talks,

¡      within 4 pages for other talks.

Papers must be formatted in two-columns for 210 297 millimeters paper. The margins must be exactly as follows:

l       Text width: 170 mm

l       Text height: 255 mm

l       Top margin: 21 mm

l       Left margin: 20 mm

l       Column Separation: 5 mm

ATTENTION: Do not include page numbers on your paper. Page numbers will be assigned by the publisher.