Volume 12    Invited, Highlight and Rapporteur Papers Type DOI
Invited Papers  
Id. Title Author P.
I01 Results from the experiments at the LHC,  Guido Tonelli 3 oral  
I02 AMS Experiment on the International Space Station Andrei Kounine 5 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/I02
I03 Probing cosmic ray accelerators with gamma rays and neutrinos,  Felix Aharonian 13 oral  
I04 Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere - Spacecraft Observations and Modeling, Droege Wolfgang 15 oral  
I05 AstroParticle physics at the highest energies , Angela V.Olinto 17 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/I05
I06 Voyager Observations in the Heliosheath: A Quasi-Stagnation Region Beyond 113 AU E. C. STONE, A. C. CUMMINGS 29 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/I06
I07 Darkness Visible Subir Sarkar 33 oral  
Highlight Papers    
H01 Recent Highlights from Fermi Large Area Telescope Observations  Peter Michelson 37 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H01
H02 Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor Science Highlights Valerie Connaughton 43 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H02
H03 The Sun and Solar Energy Particles in 3 Dimensions: Highlights from the STEREO Mission Mark Wiedenbeck 53    
H04 Hightlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory  Karl-Heinz Kampert 55 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H04
H05 Highlights from Telescope Array ,  Yoshiki Tsunesada 67 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H05
H06 IceCube -- Astrophysics and Astroparticle Physics at the South Pole Hermann Kolanoski 79 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H06
H07 Highlights from the ARGO-YBJ experiment  Benedetto D'Ettorre Piazzoli 93 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H07
H08 Recent Results and the next step of the Tibet ASγ experiment Jing Huang 107 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H08
H09 Particle acceleration and transport in the inner Heliosphere Gang Li 119 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H09
H10 Long term Solar/heliospheric variability Ilya Usoskin 131 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H10
H11 VERITAS: Status and Highlights Jamie Holder 137 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H11
H12 Highlights of the MAGIC telescopes Juan Cortina 147 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H12
H13 H.E.S.S. highlights Emma de Ona Wilhelmi 157 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H13
H14 Five years of PAMELA in orbit Piergiorgio Picozza 167 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H14
H15 Results from BESS Experiment Akira Yamamoto 177 oral  
H16 CREAM: Results, Implications and Outlook Eun-Suk Seo 179 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/H16
H17 ANITA experiment  Peter Gorham 189 oral  
Rapporteur Papers    
R01 The status of gamma-ray astronomy Stefan Funk 193 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/R01
R02 Galactic Cosmic Rays: Measurements, Models and Methods Scott P. Wakely 209 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/R02
R03  Sun, Corona and Transient Phenomena in the Heliosphere,  Rami Vainio 227 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/R03
R04 Galactic and anomalous cosmic rays in the Heliosphere J.R. Jokipii 239 oral  
R05 EAS studies of cosmic rays with energy below 1016 eV Sunil Gupta 241 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/R05
R06 EAS studies of cosmic rays with energy above 1016 eV Michael Unger 253 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/R06
R07 Highlights in astroparticle physics: muons, neutrinos, hadronic,interactions, exotic particles, and dark matter -- Rapporteur Talk HE2 & HE3 J.R.HÖRANDEL 267 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V12/R07