Volume 9     OG Cosmic Ray Origin and Galactic Phenomena Type DOI
OG2 X-ray and Gamma ray observations 
OG2.5 New experiments and instrumentation (also gravitational wave) 
Id. P. Author Title
0136 2 B. Huber, I. Braun, H. Anderhub, et. al. Solid light concentrators for small-sized photosensors used in Cherenkov telescopes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0136
0274 6 P. Doll, K. Daumiller, J. Zabierowski, et. al. Gamma Ray source studies using a Muon Tracking Detector (MTD)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0274
0289 10 Dariusz Gora Time-dependent search for neutrino multiflare sources  with  the IceCube 59-string data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0289
0343 14 D.B. Kieda Status of the VERITAS Upgrade oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0343
0389 18 P. Vogler, H. Anderhub, M. Backes, et. al. Trigger and Data Acquisition electronics for the Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode Cherenkov Telescope Camera of FACT mount for the high energy section of the Cherenkov Telescope Array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0389
0408 22 M. Barceló, O. Blanch, J. Boix, et. al. Development of Raman Lidars made with former CLUE telescopes for CTA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0408
0500 26 E. Carmona, J. Sitarek, P. Colin, et. al. Performance of the MAGIC Stereo system   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0500
0529 30 T. Krähenbühl, H. Anderhub, M. Backes, et. al. Calibrating the camera for the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope (FACT) oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0529
0580 34 Anneli Schulz, Roman Krobot, Evelyn Olesch, et. al. Methods for the characterization of mirror facets of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0580
0656 38 Sean Griffin, David Hanna, Adam Gilbert Searching for Fast Optical Transients using VERITAS Cherenkov Telescopes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0656
0666 42 A. Bonardi, J. Dick, A. Förster, et. al. Developments for coating, testing, and the alignment of CTA mirrors   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0666
0668 46 A.C. Rovero, A.D. Supanitsky, M. Actis, et. al. Optical performance related to mechanical deformations of a Davies-Cotton mount for the high energy section of the Cherenkov Telescope Array   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0668
0673 50 A.D. Supanitsky, A.C. Rovero Geomagnetic field effects on background primary electrons for low energy Cherenkov Telescopes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0673
0684 54 F. Di Pierro, K. Bernlöhr, C. Farnier, et. al. Performance studies of the CTA observatory   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0684
0686 58 Pascal Vincent, Razmik Mirzoyan, Oscar Blanch Bigas, et. al. A camera for the Cherenkov Telescope Array project (CTA) oral  
0688 59 R. White, F. Di Pierro, T. Greenshaw, et. al. Telescopes for the High Energy Section of the Cherenkov Telescope Array   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0688
0692 63 R. Wischnewski, U. Schwanke, M. Shayduk, et. al. Performance study of a digital camera trigger for CTA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0692
0698 67 J-F. Glicenstein, J. Bolmont, P. Corona, et. al. The NECTAr project: a New Electronics design for Cherenkov Telescope Arrays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0698
0700 70 Miguel Mostafá, Megan Longo, Francisco Salesa Greus, et. al. A Water Cherenkov Detector prototype for the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0700
0706 74 M. C. Medina, P. Brun, P. H Carton, et. al. First results on novel mirror design for CTA at Irfu-Saclay   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0706
0726 78 Manel Martinez CTA: where do we stand and where do we go ? oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0726
0732 83 Mingjun Chen, Zhiguo Yao, Bo Gao, et. al. R&D of LHAASO-WCDA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0732
0767 87 P. Huentemeyer, E. Bonamente, B. Dingus, et. al. Calibration of the HAWC Observatory oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0767
0771 91 Bo Gao, Mingjun Chen, Zhiguo Yao, et. al. An Optical Calibration System for Engineering Array of LHAASO-WCDA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0771
0772 95 Zhiguo Yao, Hanrong Wu, Mingjun Chen, et. al. Design & Performance of LHAASO-WCDA oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0772
0787 99 Yang Rui, Jiang Nan, Liu Zhong, et. al. Optical design for WFCTA upgrading   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0787
0795 103 Kazuhito Kodani, Junko Kushida, Yoshitaka Mizumura, et. al. Measurements of the basic properties of the Multi-Pixel Photon Counter (MPPC) as a photon counting device for the future IACTs   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0795
0803 107 R.Koul, R.C. Rannot, A. Mitra, et. al. An update on the design and implementation of the MACE gamma-ray telescope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0803
0839 111 Kazutaka Yamaoka, Atsumasa Yoshida, Yuki Nonaka, et. al. The CALET Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (CGBM) oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0839
0861 115 Baehr J., Cazaux S., Gadola A., et. al. The Medium Size Telescope for CTA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0861
0895 116 Rodolfo Canestrari, Osvaldo Catalano, Paolo Conconi, et. al. The Italian ASTRI program: an end-to-end dual-mirror telescope prototype for Cherenkov light imaging above few TeV.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0895
0912 120 Ibrahim Torres, Alberto Carramiñana, Jason S. Walters, et. al. Site development of the HAWC $\gamma$-ray observatory in Sierra Negra   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0912
0924 123 B.M. Baughman Instrument Response for the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0924
0925 127 Güneş D. Şentürk The Disp Method for Analysing Large Zenith Angle Gamma-Ray Data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0925
0935 130 A. Förster, T. Arlen, A. Bonardi, et. al. Mirror development for CTA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0935
0936 134 A. Förster, R. Canestrari, P. Chadwick, et. al. High-reflectance, high-durability coatings for IACT mirrors   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0936
0941 138 G. Pühlhofer, C. Bauer, A. Biland, et. al. FlashCam: A camera concept and design for the Cherenkov Telescope Array CTA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0941
0943 142 R. J. Britto, B. S. Acharya, G. C. Anupama, et. al. Data analysis method for the search of point sources of gamma rays with the HAGAR telescope array   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0943
0965 146 Andres Sandoval The VAMOS Water Cherenkov Array, a prototype of the HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory oral  
1003 147 Yingtao Chen, Maomao Ge, Yongkang Chen, et. al. The design of PMT test system for WFCTA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1003
1021 150 Masahiro Teshima, Oscar Blanch, Thomas Schweizer, et. al. Design study of a CTA Large Size Telescope (LST) oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1021
1043 154 J. L. Liu, Q. Y. Yang Performance of shower Xmax reconstruction by WFCTA upgraded telescope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1043
1059 158 Jordan Goodman, James Braun The HAWC Observatory oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1059
1065 162 Justin Vandenbroucke, Keith Bechtol, Stefan Funk, et. al. Development of an ASIC for Dual Mirror Telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope Array   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1065
1089 166 V. R. Chitnis, B. S. Acharya, G. C. Anupama, et. al. Status of HAGAR Telescope Array in Himalayas oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1089
1091 170 R. Orito, H. Ohoka, M. Aono, et. al. Development of PMT Clusters for CTA-LST Camera oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1091
1103 174 J. Aguilar, M. Duvernois, T. Montaruli, et. al. Online digital FPGA time-over-theshold trigger system for the HAWC experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1103
1119 178 H. Kubo, R. Paoletti, M. Aono, et. al. Development of the Readout System for CTA Using the DRS4 Waveform Digitizing Chip   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1119
1120 183 T. Sawano, K. Hattori, N. Higashi, et. al. SMILE: A Balloon-Borne sub-MeV/MeV Gamma-ray Compton Camera Using an Electron-TrackingGaseous TPC and a Scintillation Camera   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1120
1122 187 Zhaoyang Feng, Yiqing Guo, Yi Zhang, et. al. Observation of GRBs at tens of GeV with a full-coverage air shower array at 6000 M Elevation oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1122
1123 191 Hanrong Wu, Zhiguo Yao An Online Charge Calibration Method for LHAASO-WCDA Experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1123
1125 195 A. Biland, H. Anderhub, M. Backes, et. al. First Results from the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1125
1129 199 L. Saha, B. S. Acharya, G. C. Anupama, et. al. Monte Carlo Simulations for Performance parameters of HAGAR   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1129
1132 203 T. Bretz, H. Anderhub, M. Backes, et. al. Status of the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope (FACT)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1132
1191 207 V. Grabski, L. Nellen, A. Chilingarian, et. al. Gamma/hadron separation study for the HAWC detector on the basis of the multidimensional feature space using non parametric approach   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1191
1192 211 Akira Okumura, Masaaki Hayashida, Hideaki Katagiri, et. al. Development of Non-sequential Ray-tracing Software for Cosmic-ray Telescopes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1192
1212 215 T.Y. Saito, S. Sun, R. Orito, et. al. Field test of the hybrid photodetector R9792U-40 on the MAGIC camera   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1212
1224 219 John Pretz Low Energy Triggering with HAWC oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1224
1257 223 Tomasz Bulik, Irene Puerto The CTA site search oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1257
1258 227 G. W. Na, K. -B. Ahn, H. S. Choi, et. al. Data acquisition system for the UFFO pathfinder   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1258
1260 231 T. Yoshikoshi, R. W. Clay, B. R. Dawson, et. al. R&D Studies for Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Astrophysics at Energies Greater than 10 TeV   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1260
1262 235 A. Jung, S. Ahmad, K.-B. Ahn, et. al. Design and Fabrication of Detector Module for UFFO Burst Alert & Trigger telescope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1262
1263 239 J.E. Kim, H. Lim, A. Jung, et. al. Implementation of the readout system in the UFFO Slewing Mirror Telescope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1263
1269 243 S. Jeong, K. -B. Ahn, J. W. Nam, et. al. Optical Performances of Slewing Mirror Telescope for UFFO-Pathfinder   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1269
1305 247 A. Nepomuk Otte, L. Gebremedhin, K. Kaplan, et. al. Upgrade of VERITAS with high efficiency photomultipliers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1305
1326 251 Dennis Haefner, Thomas Schweizer, Francesco Dazzi, et. al. New improved Sum-Trigger system for the MAGIC telescopes oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1326
1344 255 Y. Zhang, B.K. Zhang, S.S. Zhang Energy Calibration for WFCTA Using Nitrogen Laser oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1344
1348 257 Danzengluobu, Hong Lu, Tianlu Chen, et. al. A Search for 5000-6000M Sites in Tibet to Observe the High Energy Cosmological Gamma Rays oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1348
1352 260 G. Cusumano, G. Agnetta, L. Arruda, et. al. Characteristics and performance of GAW, Gamma Air Watch -- a path-finder  of a new generation of  Imaging Atmospheric Cerenkov Telescope with large field of view. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/1352