Volume 6     OG Cosmic Ray Origin and Galactic Phenomena Type DOI
 OG1 Direct Measurements 
OG1.1 Direct measurements of primary cosmic rays with balloons and satellites 
Id. P. Author Title
0178 2 Changqing Feng, Lei Zhao, Yaqi Huang, et. al. Development of the Read-out System for the Prototype of Chinese High Energy Cosmic Ray Detector in Space   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0178
0196 6 Alexander Karelin The method and some results of high energy primary proton and light nuclei measurements with the PAMELA calorimeter   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0196
0232 9 Giuseppe Osteria Measurements of light nuclei with the Time of Flight system of the PAMELA experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0232
0277 13 V.I. Zatsepin, A.D. Panov, N.V. Sokolskaya The experimental constraints on the models of cosmic rays origin inferred from the ATIC data and oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0277
0297 17 Makhmutov V.S., Bazilevskaya G.A., Stozhkov Y.I., et. al. Energetic electron precipitation events recorded in the Earth’s polar atmosphere oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0297
0355 21 T.Niita, S.Torii, K.Kasahara, et. al. Measurements of Cosmic-ray Electron and Gamma-ray Flux with Balloon-borne CALET Prototype   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0355
0558 25 Vladimir Mikhailov, L A. Grishantseva, O. Adriani, et. al. Sub-cutoff spectra of electrons and positrons measured with PAMELA oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0558
0649 28 W.R. Binns, E.R. Christian, A.C. Cummings, et. al. First measurements of the isotopic composition of the ultra-heavy galactic cosmic ray nuclei Ga oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0649
0655 31 M.H. Israel, W.R.Binns, E.R. Christian, et. al. Measurements of the elemental abundances of ultra-heavy galactic cosmic rays from Cu through Sr f   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0655
0667 35 Laura Rossetto Positron identification study with the PAMELA calorimeter   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0667
0669 39 W. Menn Measurements of Cosmic-Ray Lithium and Beryllium Isotopes with the PAMELA-Experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0669
0675 43 A. Obermeier, P.J. Boyle, J.R. Hörandel, et. al. Galactic propagation of cosmic rays and the B/C ratio oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0675
0680 47 D. Borla Tridon, P. Colin, L. Cossio, et. al. Measurement of the cosmic electron spectrum with the MAGIC telescopes oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0680
0699 51 N. Picot-Clemente, K. Abe, H. Fuke, et. al. Cosmic ray helium isotopes from the BESS-Polar I experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0699
0707 55 P.J. Boyle, M. Ave, J.R.Hörandel, et. al. New measurements of the composition and energy spectra of cosmic-ray nuclei with TRACER oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0707
0791 59 A. W. Labrador, R. A. Mewaldt, W. R. Binns, et. al. Extending the Iron Energy Spectrum Measurements of the Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer throughout 1997-2011 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0791
0805 63 Tadashi Kobayashi, Yoshiko Komori, Kenji Yoshida, et. al. High-energy electron observations from 30GeV to 3TeV with emulsion chambers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0805
0815 67 Emiliano Mocchiutti Electrons and Positron Spectra Measured by the PAMELA Space Experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0815
0821 71 Shunsuke Ozawa, Shoji Torii, Katsuaki Kasahara, et. al. The balloon-borne CALET prototype detector (bCALET) oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0821
0828 75 D. Müller, P.J. Boyle, J.R. Hörandel, et. al. Production of secondary cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0828
0842 78 Valerio Formato Measurement of Deuterium and 3He component in cosmic rays with PAMELA experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0842
0963 82 A. Bruno, F. Cafagna, O. Adriani, et. al. Trapped protons in SAA measured by the PAMELA experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0963
1029 86 A. Bruno, F. Cafagna, O. Adriani, et. al. First detection of geomagnetically trapped antiprotons by the PAMELA experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1029
1064 90 J. Vandenbroucke, W. Mitthumsiri, C. Sgrò, et. al. Measurement of the cosmic ray positron spectrum with the Fermi LAT using the Earth's magnetic field oral  
1079 91 Cristian De Santis PAMELA measurements of boron and carbon spectra in the energy range 100MeV/n - 100GeV/n   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1079
1109 95 Y. S. Yoon, H. S. Ahn, T. Anderson, et. al. Proton and Helium spectra from the CREAM-III Flight   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1109
1218 99 M. Casolino Recent PAMELA measurements of proton and helium nuclei and cosmic ray acceleration in the galaxy oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1218
1234 103 J.W. Mitchell, W.R. Binns, R.G. Bose, et. al. The Super-TIGER Instrument to Probe Galactic Cosmic Ray Origins oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1234
1248 107 Zhou D., O’Sullivan D., Semones E., et. al. Radiation of Cosmic Rays Measured on the International Space Station oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1248
1280 111 K. Sakai, K. Abe, H. Fuke, et. al. Measurement of cosmic-ray antiproton spectrum at solar minimum with a long-duration balloon flight in Antarctica oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1280
OG1.2 Cosmic ray sources and composition    
0019 116 Matthias Weidinger, Felix Spanier Variability along the Blazar-Sequence - Hints for extragalactic Cosmic Rays? oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0019
0072 120 Ambika Singh, Anil Kumar Tiwari , S.P. Agrawal Study of the Diurnal Variation of Cosmic Rays during Different Phases of Solar Activity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0072
0079 133 Wei Wang, Yunying Jiang, Jinlin Han Correlation studies between ultra-high energy cosmic rays and gamma-ray sources oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0079
0080 137 Wei Wang A peculiar hard X-ray flare in massive X-ray binary 4U 2206+54   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0080
0137 141 Martin Pohl, Vikram Dwarkadas, Igor Telezhinsky Cosmic-Ray Acceleration by Forward and Reverse Shocks in Young Supernova Remnants oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0137
0152 145 Erlykin A.D., Wolfendale A.W. Fine structure in the cosmic ray energy spectrum as an approach to the problem of cosmic ray oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0152
0154 149 E.G. Berezhko, S.P. Knurenko, L.T. Ksenofontov, et. al. Composition of Cosmic Rays at Ultra High Energies oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0154
0193 153 A. V. Glushkov, A.K. Makarov, I.T.Makarov, et. al. Lateral distribution of EAS particles and mass composition of cosmic rays with energy above 1017 eV oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0193
0239 156 Alexander Moiseev Fermi LAT observations of cosmic-ray electrons oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0239
0356 160 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D.Chen, et. al. Air-shower core detector array to study the mass composition of cosmic rays beyond 100 TeV by Tibet hybrid experiment. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0356
0489 164 Aleksandrov A. B., Bagulya A. V., Vladimirov M.S., et. al. Investigations of galactic nuclei tracks in olivine crystals from meteorites oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0489
0837 167 V.N.Zirakashvili, V.S.Ptuskin Role of reverse shocks for the production of galactic cosmic rays in SNRs. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0837
0843 171 D. Bisschoff, I. Büsching, M. S. Potgieter Searching for signatures of nearby sources of Cosmic rays in their local chemical composition   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0843
0859 175 Luke O’C. Drury Escaping the accelerator: implications for an energy dependent composition? oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0859
0910 178 Gillard, W., Barao F., Derome, L. Isotopic Identification  with the Geomagnetic Field for Space Experiments oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0910
1014 182 Lagutin Anatoly, Tyumentsev Alexander,Volkov Nikolay, et. al. Energy spectra and mass composition of cosmic rays in the fractal-like galactic medium: an update    10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1014
1023 186 A. Bhadra, B. Bijay The origin of the knee of the cosmic ray energy spectrum   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1023
1057 189 Sveshnikova L.G., Strelnikova O.N., Ptuskin V.S. On probable contribution of nearby sources to anisotropy and spectrum of cosmic rays at TeV-PeV-energies  oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1057
1114 194 Pierre Colin, Daniela Borla Tridon, Alicia Diago Ortega, et. al. Probing the CR positron/electron ratio at few hundreds GeV through Moon shadow observation with the MAGIC telescopes oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1114
1201 198 Troy A. Porter, Andrey E. Vladimirov, Igor V. Moskalenko, et. al. Testing the Origin of High-Energy Galactic Cosmic Rays oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1201
1233 202 O. Tibolla, K. Mannheim, S. Kaufmann, et. al. New developments in the ancient Pulsar Wind Nebulae scenario. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1233
1242 206 Yutaka Ohira, Kunihito Ioka Cosmic-ray helium hardening oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1242
1293 210 D’Andrea C., Poirier, J. A Measurement of Secondary Muon Angular Distribution with High Statistics   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1293
1338 214 Catia Grimani Clues on pulsar characteristics from cosmic-ray and gravitational wave observations   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1338
1353 218 A.D. Erlykin , A. W. Wolfendale A New Component of Cosmic Rays ? oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1353
1355 222 Qiang Yuan, Bing Zhang, Xiao-Jun Bi Cosmic ray spectral hardening due to dispersion of source injection spectra   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1355
OG1.3 Cosmic ray propagation     
0047 227 Lingling Zhao Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays During the Recent unusual Solar minimum oral  
0160 228 Juan Wu, William Gillard, Antje Putze, et. al. Constraints on cosmic-ray propagation and acceleration models from recent data oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0160
0163 232 M. S. Pshirkov, P.G.Tinyakov, P.P.Kronberg, et. al. Global Structure of the Galactic Magnetic Field from Rotation Measures of Extragalactic Sources oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0163
0175 236 B. Coste, L. Derome, D. Maurin, et. al. Galactic cosmic-ray 2H/4He and 3He/4He ratios revisited oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0175
0367 240 Vladimir Ptuskin, Vladimir Zirakashvili, Eun-Suk Seo On the hardening of cosmic ray spectrum oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0367
0760 244 Sigl Guenter, Kampert Karl-Heinz, Kulbartz Joerg, et. al. Simulating Ultra-High Energy Nuclei Propagation with CRPropa oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0760
0818 248 Tadeusz Wibig, Arnold W. Wolfendale The knee in the cosmic ray energy spectrum: a pulsar, supernova origin? oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0818
0841 252 I. Büsching, A. Kopp, F. Effenberger, et. al. A stochastic approach to galactic propagation oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0841
0876 256 A. Putze, L. Derome, F. Donato, et. al. The USINE cosmic-ray propagation code and recent results from an MCMC analysis oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0876
0877 260 A. Putze, L. Derome, H.Dickinson The Grenoble Analysis Toolkit (GreAT)- Application to cosmic-ray physics   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0877
0931 263 Y. Komori Cosmic-ray electron spectrum estimated from synchrotron emissions   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0931
0994 267 Volkov Nikolay, Lagutin Anatoly, Tyumentsev Alexander, et. al. Spectrum and fraction of cosmic ray positrons in the Galaxy   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0994
1108 271 Yiqing Guo, Zhaoyang Feng, Qiang Yuan, et. al. On the Galactic Center Being the Main Source of Galactic Cosmic Rays as Evidenced by Recent Cosmic Ray and Gamma Ray Observations oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1108
1161 275 Elena Orlando, Andrew W.Strong Interstellar Cosmic-ray Electron Spectrum from Synchrotron Radiation and  direct Measurements oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1161
1194 279 I. V. Moskalenko, S. Digel, G. Jóhannesson, et. al. GALPROP Code for Galactic Cosmic Ray Propagation and Associated Photon Emissions oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1194
1196 283 Igor V. Moskalenko, Andrey E. Vladimirov, Troy A. Porter Isotopic Production Cross Sections for CR Applications (ISOPROCS Project)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1196
1206 287 Xiao-Bo Qu, Yi Zhang, Liang Xue, et. al. Study on the Contribution of Galactic Cosmic Rays to the Galactic Halo Magnetic Field oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1206
1249 291 V.V. Uchaikin, R.T. Sibatov, V. V. Saenko Constrained anomalous diffusion model of cosmic ray transport in the Galaxy   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1249
1256 294 R.Z. Sagdeev, M. A. Malkov, P.H. Diamond, et. al. Probing Nearby CR Accelerators and ISM Turbulence with Milagro Hot Spots   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1256
OG1.4 Acceleration of cosmic rays    
0034 299 Kichigin G.N. Relativistic waves as sources of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0034
0621 303 Jacek Niemiec, Martin Pohl, Thomas A. Stroman, et. al. Kinetic studies of nonrelativistic parallel shocks oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0621
0856 307 Luke O’C. Drury, Turlough P. Downes Magnetic field amplification in shock precursors   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0856
1140 309 Daniele Fargion Neutrino Solar Flare detection for a saving alert system of satellites and astronauts   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1140
1227 312 Meli, A., Biermann, P. L. Active Galactic Nuclei Jets and Multiple Shock Acceleration: Depleted Spectra oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1227
1250 317 M.A. Malkov, P.H. Diamond, R.Z. Sagdeev Mechanism for spectral break in cosmic ray proton spectrum from a supernova remnant surrounded by dense gas oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1250
1253 321 M. A. Malkov, R.Z. Sagdeev, P.H. Diamond UHECR Acceleration around Filaments of Cosmological Structure Formation   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1253
1254 325 P. H. Diamond, M. A. Malkov, R. Z. Sagdeev Cosmic Ray Fronts ahead of SNR Shocks   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1254
OG1.5 New experiments and instrumentations     
0007 330 Gitanjali Devi, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma, Pranayee Datta, et. al. Prediction of High Energy Particle Shower Primary Energy and Core Location using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0007
0153 334 W. Vernon Jones, David L. Pierce Current outlook for scientific research with super pressure balloons oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0153
0301 338 A.Neronov, S.Wada, M. D. Rodríguez Frías, et. al. Atmospheric Monitoring System of JEM-EUSO   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0301
0351 342 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D.Chen, et. al. The TIBET AS+MD Project; progress report 2011 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0351
0377 346 Jin Chang TANSUON mission,for high energy electron and gamma-ray observation  oral  
0440 347 N. N. Kalmykov, A. A. Konstantinov, R. A. Mukhamedshin, et. al. Study of high energy cosmic rays by different components of back scattered   radiation generated in the lunar regolith oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0440
0615 351 Shoji Torii Overview of the CALET Mission to the ISS oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0615
0690 355 B. F. Rauch, W. R. Binns, M. H. Israel, et. al. Capability of the CALET Experiment for Measuring Elemental Abundances of Galactic Cosmic Ray Nuclei Heavier than Nickel (Z=28)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0690
0714 359 J. E. Ward , W. R. Binns , R. G. Bose, et. al. The Super-TIGER Scintillating Fiber Hodoscope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0714
0737 363 J.T. Link,W.R.Binns, R.G. Bose, et. al. Scintillation Detector for the Measurement of Ultra-Heavy Cosmic-Rays on the Super-TIGER Experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0737
0766 367 Kenji Yoshida The science objectives for CALET oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0766
0769 371 Yosui Akaike, Katsuaki Kasahara, Shoji Torii, et. al. Expected CALET Telescope Performance from Monte Carlo Simulations   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0769
0824 375 Daijiro Ito, Yusaku Katayose, Kunishiro Mori, et. al. High-dynamic range readout system using dual APD/PD for the CALET-TASC   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0824
0831 379 T. Hams, W.R. Binns, R.G. Bose, et. al. Cherenkov Counter Development for the Super-TIGER balloon payload   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0831
0835 383 Mikihiko Karube, Shoji Torii, Katsuaki Kasahara, et. al. Performance of the CALET Prototype: CERN Beam Test   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0835
0840 387 Yoshitaka Ueyama, Shoji Torii, Katsuaki Kasahara, et. al. The Event Trigger System for CALET   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0840
0898 391 Yuki Shimizu, Oscar Adriani, Yosui Akaike, et. al. The CALET CHD for determination of nuclear charge   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0898
1106 395 J.H. Han, H.S. Ahn, Y. Amare, et. al. Performance of the CREAM-V and CREAM-VI calorimeters in flight   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1106
1107 399 J.H. Han, H.S. Ahn, Y. Amare, et. al. Calibration of the CREAM calorimeter with beam test data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1107
1128 403 S. Orsi, P. Azzarello, I. Britvitch, et. al. POLAR: a Gamma-Ray Burst Polarimeter onboard the Chinese Spacelab oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1128
1164 407 Martinez Bravo O, Ponce Lancho E, Salazar Ibarguen H, et. al. observations with a pinholecamera from a high volcano in Mexico   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1164
1168 411 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D.Chen, et. al. Study of the large Tyvek bag technique for the water Cherenkov detector in TIBET AS+MD oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1168
1223 415 A. Malinin, V. Akhnazarov, D. Angelaszek, et. al. A New Transition Radiation Detector for the CREAM experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1223
1351 419 J. Sun, S. Orsi, P. Azzarello, et. al. Qualification Tests of the Space-Based POLAR X-Ray Polarimeter   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/1351