Volume 3       HE High Energy Phenomena  Type DOI
HE1 Extensive Air Showers and HE Cosmic Rays 
HE.1.4 New experiments and instrumentation 
Id. P. Author Title
0081 2 Svanidze Manana, Verbetsky Yuri, Tskhadadze Edisher, et. al. Some properties of two cosmic ray stations appertained to the GELATICA Network in Georgia   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0081
0086 6 O. Scholten, M. van Akker,
 L. Bähren, et. al. 
Improved flux limits for particles with energies in excess of 1022,eV and the status of the NuMoon@LOFAR observations. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0086
0120 10 T. Ebisuzaki The JEM-EUSO mission oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0120
0148 13 Maria Concetta Maccarone, Osvaldo Catalano, Salvo Giarrusso, et. al. Calibration and performance of the UVscope instrument   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0148
0177 17 R. Šmída, H. Blümer, R. Engel, et. al.  First results of the CROME experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0177
0185 21 Yuri V. Stenkin  The PRISMA project and the cosmic ray knee problem oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0185
0210 25 P. Camarri  Stabilization of the operating point of the ARGO-YBJ Resistive Plate Chambers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0210
0212 29 D. Monnier Ragaigne, S. Dagoret-Campagne, P. Gorodetzky, et. al. Precise Fluorescence Yield Measurement Using an MeV Electron Beam for JEM-EUSO Collaboration   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0212
0216 33 Jacek Karczmarczyk, Philippe Gorodetzky, Yoshiya Kawasaki, et. al. High Voltage system for the JEM-EUSO Photomultipliers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0216
0218 36 P. Gorodetzky, N. Sakaki, M. Christl Calibration of Jem-Euso photodetectors   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0218
0219 40 Y. Pezeshkian, S. Mortazavi Moghaddam, H. Hedayati, et. al. Optimization of the size of Scintillation detectors in order to use in an array of 20 detectors which is going to be placed in the Sharif University of Technology   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0219
0221 44 F. Bitelli, A. Budano, S.M. Mari The TIER-2 site for the ARGO-YBJ experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0221
0234 48 P. Assis, P. Brogueira, O. Catalano, et. al. R&D for future SiPM cameras for Fluorescence and Cherenkov Telescopes    10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0234
0235 52 Pedro Assis  Multiple Scattering measurement with laser events   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0235
0236 56 Salleh Ahmad, Pierre Barrillon, Sylvie Blin-Bondil, et. al.  SPACIROC: A Front-End Readout ASIC for spatial cosmic ray observatory.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0236
0309 60 N. Palmieri, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga, et. al. Mass sensitivity in the radio lateral distribution function   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0309
0313 64 F.G. Schröder, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga, et. al.  Investigation of the Radio Wavefront of Air Showers with LOPES and REAS3 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0313
0316 68 Yasser Abdou  Status and recent results of the South Pole Acoustic Test Setup oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0316
0321 72 D. Huber, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga, et. al.  LOPES 3D reconfiguration and first measurements   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0321
0322 76 I.I. Yashin, M.B. Amelchakov, V.V. Ashikhmin, et. al.  Status of the NEVOD-DECOR experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0322
0335 80 M. Ricci, M.A. Franceschi, T. Napolitano The JEM-EUSO Focal Surface Mechanical Structure   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0335
0341 84 Brian Wundheiler  The AMIGA muon counters of the Pierre Auger Observatory: performance and first data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0341
0398 88 F. Garino, A. Guzman, M. Bertaina, et. al. Cloud Coverage and its Implications for Cosmic Ray Observation from Space   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0398
0404 92 K. Link, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga, et. al.   Improved radio data analysis with LOPES oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0404
0472 96 Yoshiya Kawasaki, Marco Casolino, Kazuhiro Higashide, et. al. The Focal Surface Detector of the JEM-EUSO Telescope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0472
0495 99 S.F. Berezhnev, D. Besson, N.M. Budnev, et. al. The Tunka-133 EAS Cherenkov light array - status of 2011 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0495
0520 104 N. Sakaki, A. Zindo, M. Nagano, et. al.  Fluorescence yield by electron in moist air and its application to the observation of ultra high energy cosmic rays from space   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0520
0544 108 Maragos Nikolaos, Stavros Maltezos, Emmanuel Fokitis, et. al.  Design Aspects and Characterization Tests of a Multi-Wavelength Beam HSRL for Atmospheric Monitoring in Ultra High Energy Observatories   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0544
0556 112 John L. Kelley AERA: the Auger Engineering Radio Array   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0556
0592 116 F. Fenu, T. Mernik, A.Santangelo, et. al. The ESAF Simulation Framework for the JEM-EUSO Mission   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0592
0633 120 Thomas Mernik, Francesco Fenu, Domenico D'Urso, et. al. The ESAF Reconstruction Framework of UHECR Events for the JEM-EUSO Mission   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0633
0659 124 L.Tkachev, G. Garipov, A. Grinyuk, et. al.  The TUS Fresnel mirror production and optical parameters measurement.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0659
0661 129 Alberto Segreto Night Sky Background measurements by the Pierre Auger Fluorescence Detectors and comparison with simultaneous data from the UVscope instrument.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0661
0663 133 P. Assis, A. Blanco, P. Brogueira, et. al.  R&D for an autonomous RPC station in air shower detector arrays.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0663
0674 137 Yu.V. Balabin, E.V. Vashenyuk, D.D. Dzhappuev  EAS hadronic component detection by neutron monitors    10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0674
0733 141 Patrick S. Allison Microwave detection of cosmic ray showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0733
0741 145 L. Wiencke, A. Botts, C. Allan, et. al.  Atmospheric "super test beam" for the Pierre Auger Observatory oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0741
0742 149 Federico Sánchez The AMIGA detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory: overview oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0742
0761 153 T. Hermann-Josef Mathes The HEAT Telescopes of the Pierre Auger Observatory - Status and First Data oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0761
0775 157 Hiroko Miyamoto, Salleh Ahmmad, Pierre Barrillon, et. al.  Performance of a front-end ASIC for JEM-EUSO   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0775
0776 161 Shuwang Cui, Yujuan Liu, Xinhua Ma LHAASO-KM2A simulation   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0776
0808 165 Kazuyuki Kuramoto, Shoichi Ogio, Tokonatsu Yamamoto, et. al. Measurement of Molecular Bremsstrahlung Radiation from extensive air shower using satellite TV antenna withscintillator array   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0808
0810 168 HUANG Ming-Huey A., Run Ray-Shine, Chen Chih-Rong Cosmic-gate: A Cosmic Rays Detector for Public Exhibition   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0810
0836 172 Jörg Bayer, Mario Bertaina, Giuseppe Distratis, et. al.  The Cluster Control Board of the JEM-EUSO mission    10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0836
0845 176 Benoît Revenu  Autonomous detection and analysis of radio emission from air showers detected at the Pierre Auger Observatory oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0845
0852 180 Alessandro Zuccaro Marchi, Yoshiyuki Takizawa, Yoshiyuki Takahashi  The JEM-EUSO optics design   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0852
0874 184 Yosuke Hachisu, Naoki Tone, Yoshihiro Uehara, et. al.  JEM-EUSO lens manufacturing   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0874
0886 188 Bobik P., Garipov G., Khrenov B., et. al. Estimation of JEM-EUSO experiment duty cycle based on Universitetsky Tatiana measurements   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0886
0916 192 A. Corstanje, M. Van Den Akker, L. Bähren, et. al. LOFAR: Detecting cosmic rays with a radio telescope oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0916
0917 196 M. Monasor, M. Bohácová, C. Bonifazi, et. al.  The Microwave Air Yield Beam Experiment (MAYBE): measurement of GHz radiation for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays detection   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0917
0944 200 Fred Sarazin, S. Collonges, B. Courty, et. al.  New technologies for the Pierre Auger Observatory - Research and development in southeastern Colorado   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0944
0952 204 Ricardo Sato  Long Term Performance of the Surface Detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0952
0956 208 G. Medina-Tanco, T.J. Weiler, M. Teshima, et. al.  Science objectives of the JEM-EUSO mission oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0956
0958 212 A.D. Supanitsky, G. Medina-Tanco Neutrino astrophysics with JEM-EUSO   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0958
0961 215 G. Medina-Tanco, J. C. D'Olivo, A. Zamora, et. al.   The Housekeeping subsystem of the JEM-EUSO instrument   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0961
0986 219 Takahiro Gonohe, Namiki Takahashi, Kuniyuki Ishioka, et. al. New analysis of arrival time of successive air showers by using Erlang distribution   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0986
0991 223 M. Bertaina, A. Santangelo, K. Shinozaki, et. al.   Requirement and expected performances of the JEM-EUSO mission  oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0991
0998 227 T. Yamamoto, H. Akimune, T Fujii, et. al. Development of microwave telescopes for detection of Molecular Bremsstrahlung Radiation from EAS of UHECR   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0998
1016 231 M. Iacovacci, S. Mastroianni Time calibration by exploiting the continuous carpet feature of ARGO-YBJ   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1016
1034 235 G. Sáez Cano, J.A. Morales de los Ríos, K. Shinozaki, et. al.  Observation of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays in cloudy conditions by the JEM-EUSO Space Observatory   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1034
1041 239 M.A. Leigui de Oliveira, C.J. Todero Peixoto, M.S.A.B. Leão, et. al. The MonRAt telescope for atmospheric radiation   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1041
1048 243 B.K. Lubsandorzhiev, N.B. Lubsandorzhiev, R.V. Poleshuk, et. al. Calbration system of the TUNKA-133 EAS Cherenkov Array   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1048
1100 247 James H.Adams Jr.  Testing of Large Diameter Fresnel Optics for Space Based Observations of Extensive Air Showers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1100
1102 251 Michael Duvernois    The Radio Air Shower Test Array (RASTA)- Enhancing the IceCube observatory oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1102
1131 255 Giuseppe Osteria  The JEM-EUSO time synchronization system   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1131
1134 259 Minhao Gu, Kejun Zhu, Jian Zhuang Research and design of DAQ system for LHAASO experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1134
1136 263 Yu.V. Stenkin, V.V. Alekseenko, D.M. Gromushkin, et. al. The ProtoPRISMA array for EAS study   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1136
1150 266 Saverio Lombardi, Karsten Berger, Pierre Colin, et. al. Advanced stereoscopic gamma-ray shower analysis with the MAGIC telescopes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1150
1152 270 A. Anzalone, M. Bertaina, R. Cremonini, et. al. A study of different cloud detection methods for the JEM-EUSO atmospheric monitoring system   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1152
1177 274 Thomas Saugrin, D.Ardouin, C.Cârloganu, et. al. First detection of extensive air showers by the TREND self-triggering radio experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1177
1197 278 Xiangdong Sheng, Shaoru Zhang, Lizhi Zhao, et. al. Study of the Performances of Power Supplies for the LHAASO PMTs   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1197
1203 282 Julian Rautenberg  Remote operation of the Pierre Auger Observatory   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1203
1216 286 F. Kajino, P. Picozza, T. Ebisuzaki, et. al.  Overview of the JEM-EUSO Instruments oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1216
1217 290 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D. Chen, et. al.  Calibration of the Yangbajing air-shower core detector (YAC) using the beam of BEPC   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1217
1219 294 M. Casolino, T. Ebisuzaki Data Acquisition System of the JEM-EUSO project   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1219
1240 298 Kazuhiro Higashide, Naoya Inoue, Takao Shirahama, et. al.  Simulation framework of STM code for development of JEM-EUSO instrument   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1240
1241 301 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D. Chen, et. al.  Measurement of some properties of EAS-cores using new air-shower core detectors array developed for the Tibet hybrid experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1241
1246 305 I.H. Park, A. Jung, J. Lee, et. al.  The Development of Photo-Detector Module Electronics for the JEM-EUSO Experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1246
1252 309 T.Shibata, M.Beitollahi, M.Fukushima, et. al.  Absolute energy calibration of the Telescope Array fluorescence detector with an electron linear accelerator oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1252
1261 313 M.I. Panasyuk  Moscow State University Satellite "Mikhail Lomonosov" -the Multi-Purpose Observatory in Space   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1261
1275 317 H. Tokuno, R. Ishimori, T.Nonaka, et. al.  Status of hybrid trigger system of the Telescope Array experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1275
1277 321 F. Shibata, K. Honda, T. Tomida, et. al. The cloud monitor by an infrared camera   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1277
1278 325 Daisuke Oku, Takayiuki Tomida, Michiyuki Chikawa, et. al. LIDAR system in Central Laser Facility of Telescope Array Experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1278
1279 329 Takayiuki Tomida, Michiyuki Chikawa, Masaki Fukushima, et. al. Atmospheric Calibrations for Air Fluorescence Observations in the Telescope Array Experiment obtained by LIDAR system   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1279
1301 333 T.A. Stroman, D.R. Bergman, E.L. Barcikowski, et. al. Cross-calibration of Telescope Array Fluorescence Detectors with Static and Roving Standard Candles   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1301
1307 338 G.B. Thomson, P. Sokolsky , C.C.H. Jui, et. al.  The Telescope Array Low Energy Extension (TALE)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1307
1314 340 M. Abou Bakr Othman, C. Allen, J. Belz, et. al. Radar Detection of UHECR Airshowers at the Telescope Array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1314
1315 344 Helio Takai, Isaac Myers, John Belz, et. al. Forward Scattering Radar for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1315
1335 348 H. Menjo, O. Adriani, L. Bonechi, et. al.  Energy spectrum of neutral pion at LHC proton-proton collisions measured by the LHCf experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/1335