ICRC2011 Id. 0001-0399
Id. Vol. P. S. Author Title Type DOI
0001 Vol. 1  2  HE1.1 Alessandro De Angelis, Per Carlson, Nicola Giglietto, et. al. Domenico Pacini and the discovery of cosmic rays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0001
0004 Vol. 11  125 SH3.4 M. K. Richharia Comparative behavior of Tri-diurnal anisotropy of cosmic ray intensity on quiet days at mid-latitude and equatorial neutron monitoring stations    10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0004
0005 Vol. 4  289 HE2.4 Kwang-Hua Chu Acceleration of Cosmic Rays in a System of Rotating Stars oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0005
0007 Vol. 6  330 OG1.5 Gitanjali Devi, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma, Pranayee Datta, et. al. Prediction of High Energy Particle Shower Primary Energy and Core Location using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0007
0008 Vol. 4  330 HE2.6 M. Platino, F. Suarez, M.R. Hampel, et. al. Fabrication and testing system for plastic scintillator muon counters used in cosmic showers detection   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0008
0009 Vol. 5  136 HE3.4 Yukio Tomozawa Evidence for a dark matter particle oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0009
0010 Vol. 4  293 HE2.4 Kalpana Roy Sinha, Pranayee Datta Transition Radiation as a Tool for Identification of Primary Cosmic Rays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0010
0011 Vol. 1  166  HE1.2 V. I. Yakovlev On the possible common nature of double extensive air showers and aligned events.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0011
0015 Vol. 10  96 SH1.4 Santosh Kumar, Amita Raizada Comparative study of Isolated and Successive Geomagnetic Storms   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0015
0016 Vol. 11  129 SH3.4 M. K. Richharia 11 year variation in Tri-diurnal anisotropy of cosmic ray intensity on quiet days at mid-latitude and high latitude neutron monitoring station oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0016
0018 Vol. 5  2 HE3.1 Fazale Aleem, Haris Rashid, Sohail Afzal Tahir Geometrical models and hadronic radii   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0018
0019 Vol. 6  116 OG1.2 Matthias Weidinger, Felix Spanier Variability along the Blazar-Sequence - Hints for extragalactic Cosmic Rays? oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0019
0020 Vol. 4  334 HE2.6 Federico Suarez, Agustín Lucero, Alberto Etchegoyen, et. al. A Fully Automated Test Facility for Multi Pixel Photo Multiplier Tubes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0020
0021 Vol. 11  419 SH4.3 Ashot Chilingarian On the origin of the huge natural electron accelerators operated in the thunderclouds oral  
0026 Vol. 10  2 SH1.1 Y. Nagai, Y. Matsubara, Y. Itow, et. al. Performance of the SciCR as a solar neutron detector   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0026
0027 Vol. 11  314 SH4.2 Alexander Mishev, Peter Y. I. Velinov Normalization of Ionization Yield function Y for various nuclei   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0027
0028 Vol. 11  318 SH4.2 Alexander Mishev, Peter Y. I. Velinov, Lachezar Mateev Atmospheric Ionization due to SEP on 28 October 2003 and 20 January 2005   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0028
0029 Vol. 4  296 HE2.4 Felix Spanier, Svenja Hümmer, Walter Winter Simplified model for photohadronic interactions and their application to AGN and GRB oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0029
0030 Vol. 5  204 HE3.5 U. D. Goswami, H. Nandan, M. Sami Study on caustic formation in Dirac-Born-Infeld type scalar field systems   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0030
0031 Vol. 11  11 SH3.2 J. Kóta, J.R. Jokipii Galactic and Anomalous Cosmic Rays during the Recent Solar Minimum oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0031
0034 Vol. 6  299 OG1.4 Kichigin G.N. Relativistic waves as sources of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0034
0035 Vol. 7  45 OG2.2 P. Eger, G.Rowell, A. Kawamura, et. al. A multi-wavelength study of the unidentified TeV gamma-ray source HESS J1626-490 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0035
0036 Vol. 4  99 HE2.3 Philipp Baerwald,Svenja Hümmer,Walter Winter Magnetic field and flavor effects in Gamma-Ray Burst Neutrino fluxes oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0036
0037 Vol. 2  2  HE1.3 V.A. Kolosov, A.A. Mikhailov Search Sources of Ultrahigh Energy Particles in our Galaxy oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0037
0038 Vol. 2  5  HE1.3 V.A. Kolosov, A.A. Mikhailov Arrival Directions of Ultrahigh Energy Showers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0038
0039 Vol. 10  185 SH2.1 Felix Spanier, Martina Wisniewski Charged particle diffusion in MHD plasmas   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0039
0041 Vol. 1  6  HE1.1 Cui Shuwang, Li Taoli, Zhang Jianli Study on large-scale CR anisotropy with ARGO-YBJ experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0041
0043 Vol. 11  14 SH3.2 M. D. Ngobeni, M. S. Potgieter Modelling of galactic Carbon in an asymmetrical heliosphere: Effects of asymmetrical modulation conditions due to solar activity oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0043
0045 Vol. 7  49 OG2.2 Wlodek Bednarek, Jerzy Pabich Gamma-ray production in massive binary system Eta Carinae oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0045
0046 Vol. 7  53 OG2.2 Wlodek Bednarek Gamma-rays from White Dwarfs within Globular Clusters ?   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0046
0047 Vol. 6  227 OG1.3 Lingling Zhao Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays During the Recent unusual Solar minimum oral  
0048 Vol. 11  87 SH3.3 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mishra Cosmic ray modulation at low/high cut off rigidity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0048
0049 Vol. 11  90 SH3.3 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mishra Characteristics of cosmic rays on special types of days during the onset of interplanetary magnetic clouds   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0049
0055 Vol. 10  99 SH1.4 Rajesh K. Mishra, Rekha Agarwal Features of cosmic ray neutron monitor intensity in relation to CMEs and IMF   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0055
0056 Vol. 11  132 SH3.4 Rajesh K. Mishra, Rekha Agarwal 10.7-cm solar radio flux and cosmic ray fluctuations   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0056
0058 Vol. 11  276 SH4.1 V.V. Shutenko, N.S. Barbashina, A.G. Bogdanov, et. al. Study of disturbances in the IMF and magnetosphere of the Earth by muon hodoscope data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0058
0059 Vol. 11  226 SH3.5 Kravtsova M.V., Sdobnov V.E. Cosmic-ray modulation during the minimum of the solar cycle 24   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0059
0060 Vol. 10  144 SH1.5 Kravtsova M.V., Sdobnov V.E. Analysis of OF GLE on 15 JUNE 1991   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0060
0061 Vol. 11  229 SH3.5 H.S.Ahluwalia, J. Jackiewicz Sunspot cycle 24 ascent to peak activity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0061
0062 Vol. 10  164 SH1.6 H.S.Ahluwalia, R.C.Ygbuhay Is there an instrumental drift in the counting rates of the high latitude neutron monitors?   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0062
0063 Vol. 1  170  HE1.2 Atsushi Iyono, Hiroki Matsumoto, Kazuhide Okei, et. al. Searching for cosmic ray nuclei above the KNEE energies through the Gerasimova-Zatsepin effect with the LAAS experiments oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0063
0064 Vol. 11  232 SH3.5 Rajesh K. Mishra, Rekha Agarwal, Sharad Tiwari Solar phenomena in relation to cosmic ray intensity and interplanetary parameters   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0064
0065 Vol. 11  135 SH3.4 Rajesh K. Mishra, Rekha Agarwal, Sharad Tiwari Depression in cosmic ray intensity influenced by interplanetary disturbances   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0065
0067 Vol. 8  2 OG2.3 J. Becerra-González, A. Stamerra, K. Saito, et. al. Testing the emission models of blazar jets with the MAGIC telescopes oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0067
0068 Vol. 11  138 SH3.4 Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava Effects of Magnetic clouds, IP shocks, and CMEs on cosmic ray intensity variations oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0068
0069 Vol. 5  228 HE3.6 J. Wu, J. Chang Expected performance of the Chinese high energy cosmic particle detector to be in space oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0069
0070 Vol. 11  280 SH4.1 Pankaj Kumar Shrivastava, Brijesh Kumar Mishra Geoeffectiveness of Halo CMEs during different phases of solar activity cycle 23   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0070
0072 Vol. 6  120 OG1.2 Ambika Singh, Anil Kumar Tiwari , S.P. Agrawal Study of the Diurnal Variation of Cosmic Rays during Different Phases of Solar Activity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0072
0073 Vol. 11  142 SH3.4 Rajesh K. Mishra, Rekha Agarwal, Issac Samson, et. al. Characteristics of cosmic ray intensity variations on the onset of solar eclipses at the Earth's surface   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0073
0074 Vol. 10  102 SH1.4 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi Shra, Rita Singh Role of high speed solar wind streams in cosmic ray decreases   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0074
0076 Vol. 11  322 SH4.2 S. Kavlakov Cosmic ray intensity changs and east China super typhoons formation oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0076
0077 Vol. 11  326 SH4.2 S. Kavlakov Yearly averages cosmic ray intensities and the yearly summarized typhoon activities   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0077
0078 Vol. 7  57 OG2.2 Masaki Mori, Yoshihiro Umeda, Kenji Nakagawa, et. al. Search for GeV gamma-ray emission from X-ray binaries   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0078
0079 Vol. 6  133 OG1.2 Wei Wang, Yunying Jiang, Jinlin Han Correlation studies between ultra-high energy cosmic rays and gamma-ray sources oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0079
0080 Vol. 6  137 OG1.2 Wei Wang A peculiar hard X-ray flare in massive X-ray binary 4U 2206+54   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0080
0081 Vol. 3  2  HE1.4 Svanidze Manana, Verbetsky Yuri, Tskhadadze Edisher, et. al. Some properties of two cosmic ray stations appertained to the GELATICA Network in Georgia   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0081
0082 Vol. 10  232 SH2.5 J. R. Jokipii Fast Charged-Particle Acceleration in Incompressible Flows oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0082
0084 Vol. 10  54 SH1.3 M. I. Desai, M. A. Dayeh, C. W. Smith, et. al. Ion Acceleration Near CME-Driven Interplanetary Shocks oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0084
0085 Vol. 4  103 HE2.3 Patrick Be Rghaus Atmospheric Muon Spectrum from Catastrophic Energy Losses in IceCube oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0085
0086 Vol. 3  6  HE1.4 O. Scholten, M. van Akker, L. Bähren, et. al.  Improved flux limits for particles with energies in excess of 1022,eV and the status of the NuMoon@LOFAR observations. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0086
0087 Vol. 5  208 HE3.5 Balendra Kr. Dev Choudhury Generalized Second Law and Brane Cosmological Model with Phantom Dominated Bulk   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0087
0088 Vol. 5  212 HE3.5 Julie Saikia, Balendra Kr. Dev Choudhury Interacting Dark Energy in Brane - Cosmological Perspective   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0088
0089 Vol. 11  18 SH3.2 R. Manuel, S.E.S. Ferreira, M.S. Potgieter Cosmic ray modulation along Voyager 1 and 2 trajectories oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0089
0090 Vol. 4  107 HE2.3 Ageron M, Akerlof C, Al Samarai I., et. al. Search for neutrinos from transient sources with the ANTARES telescope and optical follow-up observations   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0090
0091 Vol. 4  111 HE2.3 Dornic D Search for neutrino emission of gamma-ray flaring blazars with the ANTARES telescope oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0091
0092 Vol. 11  22 SH3.2 R. Manuel, S.E.S. Ferreira, M.S. Potgieter, et. al. Long-term galactic cosmic ray modulation in the heliosphere   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0092
0093 Vol. 1  10  HE1.1 V.B. Petkov, J. Szabelski, A.N. Gaponenko, et. al. High energy muons in EAS and primary composition around the knee oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0093
0094 Vol. 5  232 HE3.6 Zbigniew Szadkowski Trigger based on the Discrete Cosine Transform for new ground EAS arrays oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0094
0095 Vol. 2  7  HE1.3 Patrick Younk, Markus Risse Sensitivity of the correlation between the depth of shower maximum and the muon shower size to the cosmic-ray composition   10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0095
0097 Vol. 10  261 SH2.6 M. L. Chauhan, Manjula Jain, S.K.Shrivastava Study of large forbush decrease events of solar cycle 23rd   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0097
0098 Vol. 4  115 HE2.3 Colas RiviÈre, Carla Distefano Moon shadowing observed with the ANTARES neutrino telescope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0098
0099 Vol. 2  11  HE1.3 Piotr Homola, Ralph Engel, Henryk Wilczyński Angular distributions of Cherenkov photons in the geomagnetic field oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0099
0100 Vol. 4  119 HE2.3 Salvatore Mangano Optical properties in deep sea water at the site of the ANTARES detector   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0100
0101 Vol. 11  2 SH3.1 A. C. Cummings, E. C. Stone, F. B.Mcdonald, et. al. Voyager Observations of Anomalous Cosmic Rays in the Outer Heliosphere oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0101
0103 Vol. 10  58 SH1.3 Xin Wang, Yihua Yan The Energy Analysis for the Monte Carlo Simulations of A Diffusive Shock   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0103
0104 Vol. 10  218 SH2.2 Xin Wang, Yihua Yan Monte Carlo Simulations of A Diffusive Shock with Multiple Scattering Angular Distributions oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0104
0105 Vol. 11  330 SH4.2 Bazilevskaya G.A., Krainev M.B., Kvashnin A.N., et. al. Ionizing particle fluxes in the near-ground atmosphere oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0105
0106 Vol. 8  6 OG2.3 E.G. Berezhko, L.T. Ksenofontov, H.J. Völk Expected gamma-ray emission of SN 1987A oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0106
0107 Vol. 1  174  HE1.2 R.K. Dey, A. Bhadra, J.N. Capdevielle Primary mass sensitivity of lateral shower age parameter in EAS   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0107
0109 Vol. 11  26 SH3.2 M. D. Ngobeni, M. S. Potgieter Modulation of galactic cosmic rays in a north-south asymmetrical heliosphere   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0109
0110 Vol. 10  19 SH1.2 Jie Wang, Gang Qin Simulation of spatial and temporal invariance in the spectra of energetic particles in gradual solar events  oral  
0111 Vol. 5  215 HE3.5 Lucia Aurelia Popa Cosmological dynamics in particle physics motivated cosmologies oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0111
0113 Vol. 8  10 OG2.3 M. Kachelriess, S. Ostapchenko, R. Tomàs Constraints on the intergalactic magnetic fields oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0113
0114 Vol. 11  6 SH3.1 J. Kóta, J.R. Jokipii Anomalous Cosmic Rays: Where Are They Accelerated?   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0114
0116 Vol. 11  235 SH3.5 Badruddin Solar modulation during unusual minimum of solar cycle 23: Comparison with past three solar minima   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0116
0118 Vol. 11  145 SH3.4 R. Gushchina, A. Belov, V. Obridko, et. al. The mean and extreme characteristics of the galactic cosmic rays intensity and the solar activity indexes during the 19-23 SA cycles   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0118
0120 Vol. 3  10  HE1.4 T. Ebisuzaki The JEM-EUSO mission oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0120
0121 Vol. 11  30 SH3.2 R.D. Strauss, M.S. Potgieter, A. Kopp, et. al. On the modulation of cosmic rays as described by a stochastic transport model oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0121
0122 Vol. 11  34 SH3.2 R.D. Strauss, M.S. Potgieter, A. Kopp, et. al. Modelling the heliospheric transport of Jovian electrons by stochastic processes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0122
0123 Vol. 11  149 SH3.4 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi Shra, Rita Singh Role of high speed solar wind streams in cosmic ray decreases   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0123
0124 Vol. 10  105 SH1.4 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi Shra, Rita Singh, et. al. Study of coronal mass ejections along with solar and geomagnetic activity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0124
0125 Vol. 10  62 SH1.3 E.G. Berezhko, S.N. Taneev Coupled ion acceleration and Alfven wave excitation at an expanding coronal shock oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0125
0126 Vol. 10  264 SH2.6 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi Shra, Rita Singh, et. al. Study of intensity fluctuations in cosmic rays during Forbush-decreases   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0126
0129 Vol. 11  284 SH4.1 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi Shra, M. P. Yadav, et. al. Cosmic Rays and Space Weather Prediction   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0129
0131 Vol. 11  152 SH3.4 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi Shra, S. K. Pandey, et. al. Galactic cosmic ray modulation along with geomagnetic activity, interplanetary magnetic field and solar wind   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0131
0132 Vol. 11  155 SH3.4 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi shra, S. K. Pandey, et. al. 27 day variation of cosmic rays along with interplanetary parameters   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0132
0134 Vol. 1  178  HE1.2 R.M. Martirosov, A.P. Garyaka, H.S. Vardanyan, et. al. Energy spectrum and mass composition of primary cosmic radiation in the region above the knee from the GAMMA experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0134
0135 Vol. 10  188 SH2.1 Yûki Kubo, Hironori Shimazu Analytical description for energetic particle pitch angle and momentum evolution in an expanding magnetic flux rope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0135
0136 Vol. 9  2 OG2.5 B. Huber, I. Braun, H. Anderhub, et. al. Solid light concentrators for small-sized photosensors used in Cherenkov telescopes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0136
0137 Vol. 6  141 OG1.2 Martin Pohl, Vikram Dwarkadas, Igor Telezhinsky Cosmic-Ray Acceleration by Forward and Reverse Shocks in Young Supernova Remnants oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0137
138 Vol. 8  206 OG2.4 Martin Pohl, David Eichler Can Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays Come from Gamma-Ray Bursts? Constraints on Galactic sources such as long GRB   10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/138
0139 Vol. 2  15  HE1.3 Krijn D. de Vries, Ad M. van den Berg, Olaf Scholten, et. al. Cherenkov effects in radio emission from cosmic ray induced air showers oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0139
0140 Vol. 8  14 OG2.3 Barnacka A., J.-F. Glicenstein, Y. Moudden First evidence of a gravitational lensing-induced echo in gamma rays with Fermi LAT oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0140
0141 Vol. 7  60 OG2.2 Igor Telezhinsky, Vikram Dwarkadas, Martin Pohl The Time Dependent Spectra of Cosmic Rays Escaped from Type Ia and Type II Supernova Remnants oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0141
0142 Vol. 1  14  HE1.1 Li Tao-Li, Liu Mao-Yuan, Cui Shu-Wang, et. al. Evaluation of a wide-sky survey method for EAS experiments   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0142
0143 Vol. 1  182  HE1.2 V. S. Puchkov, A. S. Borisov, Z. M. Guseva, et. al. The protons in primary cosmic rays in the energy range 10^15 eV according to data from the PAMIR experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0143
0144 Vol. 4  124 HE2.3 K. Dookayka Characterizing the search for UHE neutrinos with the ARIANNA detector   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0144
0147 Vol. 10  168 SH1.6 Wojtek Hajdas Observations of Forbush Decreases with Fleet of ESA SREM Raduatuib Monitors oral  
0148 Vol. 3  13  HE1.4 Maria Concetta Maccarone, Osvaldo Catalano, Salvo Giarrusso, et. al. Calibration and performance of the UVscope instrument   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0148
0149 Vol. 2  19  HE1.3 Marianne Ludwig, Tim Huege Analysis of air shower radio signals with REAS3 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0149
0150 Vol. 2  23  HE1.3 Marianne Ludwig, Tim Huege, Olaf Scholten, et. al. A detailed comparison of MGMR and REAS3 simulations   10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0150
0151 Vol. 10  20 SH1.2 James H. Adams Jr., William F. Dietrich, Michael A. Xapsos Probabilistic Solar Energetic Particle Models oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0151
0152 Vol. 6  145 OG1.2 Erlykin A.D., Wolfendale A.W. Fine structure in the cosmic ray energy spectrum as an approach to the problem of cosmic ray oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0152
0153 Vol. 6  334 OG1.5 W. Vernon Jones, David L. Pierce Current outlook for scientific research with super pressure balloons oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0153
0154 Vol. 6  149 OG1.2 E.G. Berezhko, S.P. Knurenko, L.T. Ksenofontov, et. al. Composition of Cosmic Rays at Ultra High Energies oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0154
0155 Vol. 10  267 SH2.6 M. L. Chauhan, Manjula Jain, S. K. Shrivastava Space weather application of forbush decrease events   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0155
0158 Vol. 4  2 HE2.1 Salvatore Mangano Muon induced electromagnetic shower reconstruction in ANTARES neutrino telescope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0158
0159 Vol. 10  227 SH2.3 R. Bucík, U. Mall, A. Korth, et. al. Abundances of Suprathermal Heavy Ions in CIRs on STEREO during the Minimum of Solar Cycle 23 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0159
0160 Vol. 6  228 OG1.3 Juan Wu, William Gillard, Antje Putze, et. al. Constraints on cosmic-ray propagation and acceleration models from recent data oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0160
0161 Vol. 2  27  HE1.3 Grzegorz Wilk, Zbigniew Włodarczyk Remarks on the chemical composition of highest-energy cosmic rays oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0161
0162 Vol. 5  5 HE3.1 Grzegorz Wilk, Zbigniew Włodarczyk Do we observe fluctuation of cross section in cosmic rays ?   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0162
0163 Vol. 6  232 OG1.3 M. S. Pshirkov, P.G.Tinyakov, P.P.Kronberg, et. al. Global Structure of the Galactic Magnetic Field from Rotation Measures of Extragalactic Sources oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0163
0164 Vol. 7  64 OG2.2 V.G. Sinitsyna, S.I. Nikolsky, V.Y. Sinitsyna TeV gamma-rays from supernova remnants Tycho's SNR, Cas A, Crab and Geminga oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0164
0165 Vol. 11  334 SH4.2 A.N. Dmitrieva, N.V. Ampilogov, I.I. Astapov, et. al. Modeling of muon flux variations during dynamic atmospheric processes   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0165
0166 Vol. 10  66 SH1.3 Alexei Struminsky Relative Timing of electron acceleration and proton release in X-class solar events oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0166
0167 Vol. 8  18 OG2.3 V.G. Sinitsyna, S.I. Nikolsky, V.Y. Sinitsyna 15-year observation of TeV gamma-ray emission from NGC 1275 by SHALON   10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0167
0169 Vol. 8  22 OG2.3 V.G. Sinitsyna, S.I. Nikolsky, V.Y. Sinitsyna Extragalactic Background Light expected from observations of TeV metagalactic sources at distances from z=0.0179 to z=1.375 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0169
0170 Vol. 4  128 HE2.3 V.G. Sinitsyna, M. Masip, S.I. Nikolsky, et. al. Heavy neutrino decay at SHALON   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0170
0171 Vol. 2  31  HE1.3 G. Giacinti, D.V. Semikoz Search for the nuclei sources in the Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray data. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0171
0173 Vol. 7  68 OG2.2 V.G. Sinitsyna, A.Y. Alaverdyan, M.S. Andreeva, et. al. Long term TeV observations of Cygnus X-3   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0173
0174 Vol. 5  85 HE3.3 Yu.N. Bazhutov, A.G. Parkhomov, A.A. Sabelnikov, et. al. Cosmic ray Erzions search  oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0174
0175 Vol. 6  236 OG1.3 B. Coste, L. Derome, D. Maurin, et. al. Galactic cosmic-ray 2H/4He and 3He/4He ratios revisited oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0175
0177 Vol. 3  17  HE1.4 R. Šmída, H. Blümer, R. Engel, et. al.  First results of the CROME experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0177
0178 Vol. 6  2 OG1.1 Changqing Feng, Lei Zhao, Yaqi Huang, et. al. Development of the Read-out System for the Prototype of Chinese High Energy Cosmic Ray Detector in Space   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0178
0179 Vol. 11  287 SH4.1 X.M. Zhou, N. Ye, F.R. Zhu, et. al. Observing the effect of the atmospheric electric field inside thunderstorms on the EAS with the ARGO-YBJ experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0179
0180 Vol. 11  158 SH3.4 F.R. Zhu, N. Ye Sun Shadow study in the quiet phase of the solar activity with the ARGO-YBJ experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0180
0181 Vol. 1  185  HE1.2 S. P. Knurenko, A. Sabourov Fluctuations of the depth of maximum in extensive air showers and cross-section of p-air inelastic collision for energy nge 10^15 - 10^17 eV   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0181
0182 Vol. 1  189  HE1.2 S. P. Knurenko, A. Sabourov Spectrum and mass composition of cosmic rays in the energy range 10^15-10^18 ~eV derived from the Yakutsk array data array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0182
0183 Vol. 1  193  HE1.2 H. Matsumoto, A. Iyono, I. Yamamoto, et. al. The primary energy spectrum estimation by using Linsley's EAS time structure with a compact air shower array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0183
0184 Vol. 1  197  HE1.2 S.F. Berezhnev, D. Besson, N.M. Budnev, et. al. Tunka-133: Primary Cosmic Ray Mass Composition in the Energy Range 6 ~ 1015-18 eV oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0184
0185 Vol. 3  21  HE1.4 Yuri V. Stenkin  The PRISMA project and the cosmic ray knee problem oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0185
0186 Vol. 1  201  HE1.2 A.A. Ivanov, S.P. Knurenko, A.D. Krasilnikov, et. al. On the scientific goals of the Yakutsk array under modernization oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0186
0187 Vol. 5  9 HE3.1 O.A. Novolodskaya, T.Kh. Sadykov, N.N. Zastrozhnova, et. al. The most probable mechanisms of the production of leading neutral pions   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0187
0189 Vol. 2  35  HE1.3 A.A. Ivanov, M.I. Pravdin, A.V. Sabourov On the shower age related characteristics of cosmic ray cascades in the atmosphere   10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0189
0190 Vol. 5  11 HE3.1 O.A. Novolodskaya, T.Kh. Sadykov, N.N. Zastrozhnova, et. al. Two anomalous halo events obtained during the Hadron-44 experiment on Tien-Shan cosmic ray station   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0190
0191 Vol. 4  55 HE2.2 E.Konishi, Y.Minorikawa, V.I.Galkin, et. al. Is it possible to extract the evidence for neutrino oscillation definitely in the cosmic ray experiments? --Re-analysis of L/E distribution by Super-Kamiokande in the computer numerical experiment --   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0191
0193 Vol. 6  153 OG1.2 A. V. Glushkov, A.K. Makarov, I.T.Makarov, et. al. Lateral distribution of EAS particles and mass composition of cosmic rays with energy above 1017 eV oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0193
0195 Vol. 7  72 OG2.2 Zanin R., Mazin D., Carmona E., et. al. MAGIC measurement of the Crab Nebula spectrum over three decades in energy oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0195
0196 Vol. 6  6 OG1.1 Alexander Karelin The method and some results of high energy primary proton and light nuclei measurements with the PAMELA calorimeter   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0196
0197 Vol. 10  70 SH1.3 Hongqing He, Gang Qin, Ming Zhang Effects of Source Distribution on Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles in Three-dimensional Interplanetary Magnetic Fields oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0197
0198 Vol. 4  6 HE2.1 Nobusuke Takahashi, Yoshihide Okumura, Akeo Misaki The relation between deposit energies of the muons and their primary energies, and the relation between the deposit energies and their Cherenkov light yields in KM3 detector oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0198
0202 Vol. 5  15 HE3.1 Guillaume Lambard Indirect Dark Matter search in the Sun direction using the ANTARES data 2007-2008 for the two common theoretical frameworks (CMSSM, mUED) oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0202
0204 Vol. 5  138 HE3.4 Sheetal Saxena, Dominik Elsässer, Michael Rüger, et. al. Searching for dark matter annihilation in M87   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0204
0205 Vol. 11  248 SH3.6 Ashot Chilingarian, Bagrat Mailyan The energy spectra of the thunderstorm correlated electron and gamma-ray fluxes measured at Aragats oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0205
0206 Vol. 11  338 SH4.2 Levon Vanyan, Ashot Chilingaryan Simulations of the Relativistic Runaway Electron Avalanches (RREA) in the thunderclouds above the Aragats space Environmental center (ASEC) oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0206
0207 Vol. 8  26 OG2.3 V.G. Sinitsyna, A.Y. Alaverdyan, M.S. Andreeva, et. al. High-energy TeV observations of gamma-ray blazars Mkn 421, Mkn 501, Mkn 180 and OJ 287   10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0207
0210 Vol. 3  25  HE1.4 P. Camarri  Stabilization of the operating point of the ARGO-YBJ Resistive Plate Chambers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0210
0212 Vol. 3  29  HE1.4 D. Monnier Ragaigne, S. Dagoret-Campagne, P. Gorodetzky, et. al. Precise Fluorescence Yield Measurement Using an MeV Electron Beam for JEM-EUSO Collaboration   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0212
0213 Vol. 11  341 SH4.2 H. Kruger, H. Moraal, G.J.J. Benadé The Sensitivity of Neutron Monitor Counting Rate to Atmospheric Humidity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0213
0214 Vol. 1  18  HE1.1 Elio Giroletti, Irene Bolognino, Claudio Cattaneo, et. al. 222Rn daughters influence on scaler mode of ARGO-YBJ detector oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0214
0216 Vol. 3  33  HE1.4 Jacek Karczmarczyk, Philippe Gorodetzky, Yoshiya Kawasaki, et. al. High Voltage system for the JEM-EUSO Photomultipliers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0216
0218 Vol. 3  36  HE1.4 P. Gorodetzky, N. Sakaki, M. Christl Calibration of Jem-Euso photodetectors   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0218
0219 Vol. 3  40  HE1.4 Y. Pezeshkian, S. Mortazavi Moghaddam, H. Hedayati, et. al. Optimization of the size of Scintillation detectors in order to use in an array of 20 detectors which is going to be placed in the Sharif University of Technology   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0219
0220 Vol. 1  22  HE1.1 S. M. Mari, P. Montini The light component spectrum measured by the ARGO-YBJ experiment in the energy region 1--300 TeV.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0220
0221 Vol. 3  44  HE1.4 F. Bitelli, A. Budano, S.M. Mari The TIER-2 site for the ARGO-YBJ experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0221
0224 Vol. 1  26  HE1.1 B. Panico, G. Di Sciascio, S. Catalanotti Measurement of the CR light component primary spectrum with ARGO-YBJ experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0224
0225 Vol. 1  30  HE1.1 G. Di Sciascio, R. Iuppa Measurement of Cosmic Ray p/p flux ratio at TeV energies with ARGO-YBJ oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0225
0226 Vol. 1  34  HE1.1 G. Di Sciascio, R. Iuppa Observation of the Cosmic Ray Moon shadowing effect with the ARGO-YBJ experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0226
0227 Vol. 11  162 SH3.4 M. Laurenza, A. Vecchio, F. Signoretti, et. al. Time variability of the Rome cosmic ray intensity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0227
0228 Vol. 2  39  HE1.3 R. Bruijn, J. Knapp, I. Valiño Study of statistical thinning with fully-simulated air showers at ultra-high energies   10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0228
0229 Vol. 2  43  HE1.3 G. Giacinti, M. Kachelriess, D.V. Semikoz, et. al. Propagation of Ultrahigh Energy Nuclei in the Magnetic Field of our Galaxy oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0229
0230 Vol. 11  436 SH4.4 M. Laurenza, M. Storini, R. Vainio, et. al. Cutoff rigidities for Mercury-orbiting spacecraft   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0230
0231 Vol. 10  270 SH2.6 Fabrizio Signoretti, Monica Laurenza, Maria Federica Marcucci, et. al. The Solar-Terrestrial Events during February 2011   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0231
0232 Vol. 6  9 OG1.1 Giuseppe Osteria Measurements of light nuclei with the Time of Flight system of the PAMELA experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0232
0234 Vol. 3  48  HE1.4 P. Assis, P. Brogueira, O. Catalano, et. al. R&D for future SiPM cameras for Fluorescence and Cherenkov Telescopes    10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0234
0235 Vol. 3  52  HE1.4 Pedro Assis  Multiple Scattering measurement with laser events   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0235
0236 Vol. 3  56  HE1.4 Salleh Ahmad, Pierre Barrillon, Sylvie Blin-Bondil, et. al.  SPACIROC: A Front-End Readout ASIC for spatial cosmic ray observatory.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0236
0237 Vol. 4  133 HE2.3 Fabian Schüssler Search for a diffuse flux of high-energy muon neutrinos with the ANTARES neutrino telescope oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0237
0238 Vol. 4  137 HE2.3 Fabian Schüssler Autocorrelation analysis of ANTARES data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0238
0239 Vol. 6  156 OG1.2 Alexander Moiseev Fermi LAT observations of cosmic-ray electrons oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0239
0240 Vol. 4  141 HE2.3 J. D. Bray, R. D. Ekers, C. W. James, et. al. LUNASKA simultaneous neutrino searches with multiple telescopes oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0240
0241 Vol. 8  30 OG2.3 M. Zha Monitoring of VHE Extragalactic sources with ARGO-YBJ detector oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0241
0242 Vol. 1  38  HE1.1 M. Zha The monitoring of VHE Extragalactic sources with ARGO-YBJ detector   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0242
0245 Vol. 11  166 SH3.4 Taiichi Sato, Hirohisa Sakurai, Yui Takahashi, et. al. Simulated 14C production rates for the troposphere and stratosphere in weak geomagnetic intensity at 26,000 yr BP oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0245
0246 Vol. 8  34 OG2.3 Yao Chen An all sky survey for flaring gamma ray sources using ARGO-YBJ data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0246
0248 Vol. 1  205  HE1.2 H. Aoki, K. Honda, N. Inoue, et. al. Air-showers, bursts and high energy families detected by hybrid experiments at Mt.Chacaltaya oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0248
0250 Vol. 1  209  HE1.2 S.F. Berezhnev, D. Besson, N.M. Budnev, et. al. Tunka-133: Primary Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum in the energy range 6 ~ 1015-18 eV oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0250
0251 Vol. 4  10 HE2.1 Yoshihide Okumura, Nobusuke Takahashi, Akeo Misaki Fluctuation of high energy muons and induced Cherenkov photons in water   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0251
0252 Vol. 11  291 SH4.1 S.A. Starodubtsev, V.G. Grigoryev, I.G. Usoskin, et. al. Arrival of an Interplanetary Shocks at the Earth: a Real-Time Forecast Based on ACE Spacecraft Data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0252
0253 Vol. 4  59 HE2.2 Koh Ueno Analysis of nuclear de-excitation gamma-rays using T2K data oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0253
0254 Vol. 1  213  HE1.2 A. V. Glushkov, S.P. Knurenko, A.K. Makarov, et. al. Estimation of the mass composition of ultra-high energy cosmic rays by muon fraction in extensive air showers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0254
0255 Vol. 1  216  HE1.2 T. Yamasaki, M. Tamada Simulations for hadron calorimeter of the hybrid experiment at Mt.Chacaltaya   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0255
0256 Vol. 7, 2 OG2.1 L.L. Ma A measurement of the diffuse TeV gamma ray emission from the Galactic Plane with ARGO-YBJ experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0256
0257 Vol. 1  42  HE1.1 Shoushan Zhang Hybrid measurement of CR energy spectrum and composition <200 TeV by using ARGO-YBJ and WFCTA   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0257
0258 Vol. 4  338 HE2.6 Jia Liu, Xiangdong Sheng, Jing Zhao Design and optimization of the electromagnetic particle detector in LHAASO-KM2A oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0258
0259 Vol. 1  46  HE1.1 Xiaoxiao Li, Huihai He, Songzhan Chen Gamma-hadron discrimination using shower time profile in the ARGO-YBJ experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0259
0261 Vol. 4  342 HE2.6 Bin Zhou, Chao Hou Selection of photomultiplier tubes for the LHAASO project   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0261
0262 Vol. 11  38 SH3.2 N.E. Engelbrecht, R.A. Burger, S. Oughton Aspects of nonlinear cosmic-ray modulation oral  
0264 Vol. 5  19 HE3.1 T. Suzuki, O. Adriani, L. Bonechi, et. al. Position sensitive detector at the upgraded LHCf detector oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0264
0265 Vol. 7  76 OG2.2 K. Kosack, R. C. G. Chaves, F. Acero HESSJ: A Very High Energy Gamma-ray source near the Supernova Remnant Kes~78   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0265
0267 Vol. 4  346 HE2.6 ZHOU Tianfu, HE Huihai, SHENG Xiangdong The long-term stability of plastic scintillator for electromagnetic particle detectors   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0267
0268 Vol. 7  79 OG2.2 Gernot Maier VHE Observations of the Binary Candidate HESS J0632+057 with H.E.S.S. and VERITAS oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0268
0269 Vol. 7  83 OG2.2 Gernot Maier VHE Observations of Galactic binary systems with VERITAS   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0269
0270 Vol. 8  38 OG2.3 Stefan Ohm H.E.S.S observations of the Starburst galaxy NGC 253 oral  
0271 Vol. 5  236 HE3.6 J. Liu, X. D. Sheng, H. H. He Performances of the KM2A engineering array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0271
0273 Vol. 1  220  HE1.2 J. Zabierowski, P. Łuczak, P. Doll, et. al. On the primary mass sensitivity of muon pseudorapidities measured with KASCADE-Grande oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0273
0274 Vol. 9  6 OG2.5 P. Doll, K. Daumiller, J. Zabierowski, et. al. Gamma Ray source studies using a Muon Tracking Detector (MTD)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0274
0275 Vol. 1  224  HE1.2 T.S. Yuldashbaev, Kh. Nuritdinov Some characteristics of the gamma-families, originating from AA interactions at the superhigh energies Eo >1016 eV.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0275
0276 Vol. 7  87 OG2.2 B.B. Singh, B.S. Acharya, V.R. Chitnis, et. al. VHE Gamma Ray Observations of Pulsars with HAGAR Telescope Array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0276
0277 Vol. 6  13 OG1.1 V.I. Zatsepin, A.D. Panov, N.V. Sokolskaya The experimental constraints on the models of cosmic rays origin inferred from the ATIC data and oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0277
0278 Vol. 7, 6 OG2.1 D. Lennarz, P.M. Chadwick, W. Domainko, et. al. Search for Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from GRB100621A with H.E.S.S. oral  
0279 Vol. 11  170 SH3.4 N. S. Khaerdinov, A. S. Lidvansky Specific Features of Variations of Cosmic Ray Muon Flux during Thunderstorms oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0279
0280 Vol. 1  227  HE1.2 D. Fuhrmann, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga-Velázquez, et. al. KASCADE-Grande measurements of energy spectra for elemental groups of cosmic rays oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0280
0281 Vol. 11  93 SH3.3 V. A. Kozyarivsky, A. S. Lidvansky, T. I. Tulupova Reconstruction of the Direction of True Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays at Energy of about 100 TeV   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0281
0282 Vol. 10  274 SH2.6 Krivosheeva M., Belov A., Eroshenko E., et. al. Relation of the Forbush-effect parameters to the heliolongitude of the solar sources   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0282
0283 Vol. 10  278 SH2.6 A. Abunin, A. Belov, E. Eroshenko, et. al. Forbush-effects with sudden and gradual storm commencement   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0283
0284 Vol. 11  343 SH4.2 Ilya Usoskin, G.A. Kovaltsov, I.A. Mironova Numerical model of cosmic ray induced ionization in the atmosphere CRAC:CRII   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0284
0285 Vol. 11  39 SH3.2 Ilya Usoskin, G.A. Bazilevskaya, G.A. Kovaltsov Solar modulation of cosmic rays since 1936: Neutron monitors and balloon-borne data oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0285
0287 Vol. 10  6 SH1.1 KURT Victoria, YUSHKOV Boris, GRECHNEV Victor The Onset Time of the Pion-Decay Gamma-Ray Emission of Major Solar Flares   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0287
0288 Vol. 8  210 OG2.4 Ignacio Taboada Detecting Neutrinos from Choked Gamma Ray Bursts with IceCube’s DeepCore   10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0288
0289 Vol. 9  10 OG2.5 Dariusz Gora Time-dependent search for neutrino multiflare sources  with  the IceCube 59-string data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0289
0290 Vol. 8  214 OG2.4 Ignacio Taboada Sensitivity of HAWC to GRBs oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0290
0291 Vol. 4  145 HE2.3 Jelena Petrovic Study on possible arrival directions correlation between events observed by the ANTARES neutrino telescope and the Pierre Auger cosmic ray observatory   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0291
0292 Vol. 5  141 HE3.4 Matthias Danninger Searches for Dark Matter Annihilations in the Sun with IceCube and DeepCore in the 79-string configuration   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0292
0293 Vol. 10  282 SH2.6 N.S. Barbashina, I.I. Astapov, V.V. Borog, et. al. Analysis of Forbush decrease of 18 February 2011 in muon flux   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0293
0295 Vol. 4  149 HE2.3 Claudio Bogazzi Searching for Point Sources of High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos with the ANTARES telescope oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0295
0296 Vol. 1  50  HE1.1 A.A. Petrukhin Cosmic rays above the knee: experimental results and their interpretation   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0296
0297 Vol. 6  17 OG1.1 Makhmutov V.S., Bazilevskaya G.A., Stozhkov Y.I., et. al. Energetic electron precipitation events recorded in the Earth’s polar atmosphere oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0297
0298 Vol. 4  153 HE2.3 R.V. Novoseltseva, M.M. Boliev, V.I. Volchenko, et. al. Update to 2010 of the results of the search for neutrino bursts from core collapse supernovae at the Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0298
0299 Vol. 1  231  HE1.2 Arnaud Bellétoile First results of the new Autonomous Antenna Array of the CODALEMA radio detection experiment oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0299
0300 Vol. 7  91 OG2.2 P. H. T. Tam, R. H. H. Huang, J. Takata, et. al. Discovery of GeV gamma-ray emission from PSR B1259-63/SS 2883 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0300
0301 Vol. 6  338 OG1.5 A.Neronov, S.Wada, M. D. Rodríguez Frías, et. al. Atmospheric Monitoring System of JEM-EUSO   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0301
0302 Vol. 10  71 SH1.3 Leon Kocharov, Rami Vainio, Jens Pomoell Hybrid model of solar energetic particle acceleration and transport oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0302
0304 Vol. 10  75 SH1.3 Gang Qin, Hongqing He, Yang Wang, et. al. Perpendicular diffusion of solar energetic particles from solar flares or coronal mass ejection shocks oral  
0305 Vol. 1  54  HE1.1 Rasha Abbasi, Paolo Desiati The energy dependence of the large-scale cosmic ray sidereal anisotropy in IceCube oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0305
0306 Vol. 4  14 HE2.1 Segev Benzvi Observation of anisotropies in the arrival direction distribution of cosmic rays above TeV energies in IceCube oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0306
0307 Vol. 11  347 SH4.2 J. Poirier, T. Catanach Atmospheric Effects on Muon Flux at Project GRAND   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0307
0308 Vol. 1  58  HE1.1 Craig Price, Rasha Abbasi, Paolo Desiati Measurement of the Solar Anisotropy with IceCube   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0308
0309 Vol. 3  60  HE1.4 N. Palmieri, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga, et. al. Mass sensitivity in the radio lateral distribution function   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0309
0310 Vol. 11  351 SH4.2 A.A. Petrukhin, N.S. Barbashina, V.V. Borog, et. al. Muon diagnostics of the Earth's atmosphere   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0310
0311 Vol. 11  173 SH3.4 J. Poirier, T. Catanach Periodic Variations in Muon Flux at Project GRAND oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0311
0312 Vol. 1  235  HE1.2 M. Bertaina, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga-Velázquez, et. al. A study of the mass composition of cosmic rays based on an event-by-event assignment with KASCADE-Grande data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0312
0313 Vol. 3  64  HE1.4 F.G. Schröder, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga, et. al.  Investigation of the Radio Wavefront of Air Showers with LOPES and REAS3 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0313
0315 Vol. 11  447 SH4.5 I.I. Astapov, N.V. Ampilogov, N.S. Barbashina, et. al. Study of characteristics of scintillation muon hodoscope   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0315
0316 Vol. 3  68  HE1.4 Yasser Abdou  Status and recent results of the South Pole Acoustic Test Setup oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0316
0317 Vol. 1  239  HE1.2 I.I. Yashin, A.G. Bogdanov, D.V. Chernov, et. al. Search of the "second knee" by means of muon bundles in inclined EAS oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0317
0319 Vol. 11  355 SH4.2 I.I. Astapov, N.V. Ampilogov, D.V. Chernov, et. al. Study of correlations between thunderstorm phenomena and muon flux variations   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0319
0320 Vol. 4  157 HE2.3 Sirin Odrowski Search for Galactic Cosmic Ray Accelerators with the combined IceCube 40-strings and AMANDA detector   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0320
0321 Vol. 3  72  HE1.4 D. Huber, W.D. Apel, J.C. Arteaga, et. al.  LOPES 3D reconfiguration and first measurements   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0321
0322 Vol. 3  76  HE1.4 I.I. Yashin, M.B. Amelchakov, V.V. Ashikhmin, et. al.  Status of the NEVOD-DECOR experiment   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0322
0323 Vol. 4  18 HE2.1  Lisa Gerhardt Study of High pT Muons in IceCube   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0323
0324 Vol. 4  63 HE2.2 Hyon Chang  Observation of Atmospheric Neutrino-induced Cascades in IceCube-DeepCore   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0324
0325 Vol. 5 80 HE3.2 Sirin Odrowski First Step Towards A New Proton Decay Experiment In Ice   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0325
0327 Vol. 5  145 HE3.4 Olle Engdegard Indirect search for Solar dark matter with AMANDA and IceCube}   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0327
0328 Vol. 11  359 SH4.2 E.V. Vashenyuk, Yu.V. Balabin, A.V. Germanenko, et. al. Study of radiation related with atmospheric precipitations oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0328
0329 Vol. 4  67 HE2.2 Donglian XU Atmospheric neutrino oscillations with Deep Core   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0329
0330 Vol. 10  76 SH1.3 E.V. Vashenyuk, Yu.V. Balabin, B.B. Gvozdevsky Regularities in relativistic solar proton spectra obtained from GLE modeling   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0330
0331 Vol. 5  149 HE3.4 J. Aleksić, M. Doro, S.Lombardi, et. al. Segue 1: the best dark matter candidate dwarf galaxy surveyed by MAGIC oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0331
0332 Vol. 7  95 OG2.2 De Ona Wilhelmi E., Chaves R. C. G., Terrier R., et. al. X-ray and VHE gamma-ray observations of SNR G284.3-1.8 and PSR J1016-5857 with XMM-Newton and the H.E.S.S. Telescope Array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0332
0333 Vol. 4  161 HE2.3 Dmitry Chirkin Study of South Pole ice transparency with IceCube flashers   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0333
0334 Vol. 4  165 HE2.3 Robert Franke Neutrino triggered high-energy gamma-ray follow-up with IceCube   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0334
0335 Vol. 3  80  HE1.4 M. Ricci, M.A. Franceschi, T. Napolitano The JEM-EUSO Focal Surface Mechanical Structure   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0335
0336 Vol. 1  243  HE1.2 Shahid Hussain, Todor Stanev, Serap Tilav Measurements of the Air Shower Parameters with IceTop   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0336
0337 Vol. 2  47  HE1.3 Geraldina Golup Search for ultra-high energy cosmic rays multiplets in the Pierre Auger Observatory data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0337
0338 Vol. 10  236 SH2.5 P. Desiati, A. Lazarian Magnetic Reconnection as the Cause of Cosmic Ray Excess from the Heliospheric Tail   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0338
0339 Vol. 2  51  HE1.3 Martin Will Implementation of meteorological model data in the air shower reconstruction of the Pierre Auger Observatory   10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0339
0340 Vol. 4  169 HE2.3 Jordan C. Hanson Ross Ice Shelf Thickness, Radio-frequency Attenuation and Reflectivity: Implications for the ARIANNA UHE Neutrino Detector oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0340
0341 Vol. 3  84  HE1.4 Brian Wundheiler  The AMIGA muon counters of the Pierre Auger Observatory: performance and first data   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0341
0342 Vol. 11  43 SH3.2 Xi Luo, Ming Zhang, Hamid K. Rassoul, et. al. Remote sensing: a new feature caused by the GMIR on cosmic ray transport in the heliosheath oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0342
0343 Vol. 9  14 OG2.5 D.B. Kieda Status of the VERITAS Upgrade oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0343
0344 Vol. 7  99 OG2.2 D.B. Kieda Orbit Mode observations of Crab and Mrk 421   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0344
0346 Vol. 7  103 OG2.2 A. Summa, D. Elsässer, K.Mannheim Nuclear Lines as a Fingerprint of Hadronic Cosmic Rays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0346
0347 Vol. 7  7 OG2.1 E. Bonamente, J. Galbraith-Frew, P. Hüntemeyer TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Cygnus Region with Milagro oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0347
0349 Vol. 7  107 OG2.2 Fan Guo, Shengtai Li, Hui Li, et. al. The magnetic field amplification downstream of supernova blast wave   10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0349
0351 Vol. 6  342 OG1.5 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D.Chen, et. al. The TIBET AS+MD Project; progress report 2011 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0351
0352 Vol. 11  239 SH3.5 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D. Chen, et. al. Correlation between solar activity and the Sun's shadows observed by the Tibet air shower array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0352
0353 Vol. 4  71 HE2.2 Haibing Zhang Neutron tagging and its application to physics in Super-Kamiokande IV oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0353
0355 Vol. 6  21 OG1.1 T.Niita, S.Torii, K.Kasahara, et. al. Measurements of Cosmic-ray Electron and Gamma-ray Flux with Balloon-borne CALET Prototype   10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0355
0356 Vol. 6  160 OG1.2 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D.Chen, et. al. Air-shower core detector array to study the mass composition of cosmic rays beyond 100 TeV by Tibet hybrid experiment. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0356
0357 Vol. 11  177 SH3.4 Gerasimova S.K., Gololobov P.Yu., Grigoryev V.G., et. al. Heliospheric modulation of cosmic rays in the 23rd solar cycle and previous cycles oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0357
0358 Vol. 11  96 SH3.3 Gerasimova S.K., Gololobov P.Yu, Krivoshapkin P. A., et. al. Cosmic ray anisotropy and density in the vicinity of neutral surface of the interplanetary magnetic field   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0358
0359 Vol. 11  99 SH3.3 V.G. Grigoryev, S.A. Starodubtsev Definition of anisotropy of galactic cosmic rays in real time   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0359
0360 Vol. 11  252 SH3.6 V.G. Grigoryev, S.A. Starodubtsev, G.F. Krymsky, et. al. Modern Yakutsk cosmic ray spectrograph after A.I. Kuzmin   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0360
0361 Vol. 11  103 SH3.3 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D. Chen, et. al. Modeling of the galactic cosmic-ray anisotropy at TeV energies oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0361
0362 Vol. 10  24 SH1.2 Petukhov Ivan, Petukhov Stanislav, Portnyagin Dmitry Diffusion model of the solar energetic particle injection into interplanetary medium.   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0362
0363 Vol. 10  222 SH2.2 Petukhov Ivan, Petukhov Stanislav About shape of the interplanetary shock front. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0363
0364 Vol. 11  420 SH4.3 H. Sakurai, T. Sato, T. Oe, et. al. Daily Variation of Cosmogenic Nuclide Be-7 Concentrations in High Altitude Atmosphere at Mt. Chacaltaya near the solar minimum from 2009 oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0364
0365 Vol. 8  39 OG2.3 Vladimir Ptuskin, Svetlana Rogovaya, Vladimir Zirakashvili On ultra-high energy cosmic rays produced by AGN jets   10.7529/ICRC2011/V08/0365
0366 Vol. 11  295 SH4.1 V.S. Anashin, I.O. Ishutin, G.A.Protopopov, et. al. Engineering monitoring system of space ionizing radiation   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0366
0367 Vol. 6  240 OG1.3 Vladimir Ptuskin, Vladimir Zirakashvili, Eun-Suk Seo On the hardening of cosmic ray spectrum oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V06/0367
0368 Vol. 11  107 SH3.3 K. Munakata, C. Kato, S. Yasue, et. al. Solar cycle dependence of the diurnal anisotropy of 0.6 TeV cosmic ray intensity observed with the Matsushiro underground muon detector oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0368
0369 Vol. 11  424 SH4.3 Y. Muraki, K. Masuda, K. Nagaya, et. al. Solar Variability during Maunder and Sporer Minima estimated by Width of Tree Rings   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0369
0370 Vol. 10  169 SH1.6 K. Koga, T. Goka, H. Matsumoto, et. al. Measurement of High-Energy Neutrons at ISS by SEDA-AP-FIB oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0370
0372 Vol. 1  247  HE1.2 Dipsikha Kalita, K Boruah Study of Lateral distribution Parameters from simulation of HE Cosmic Ray EAS   10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0372
0373 Vol. 11  256 SH3.6 Y. Nakano, M. Tsurusashi, M.Kozai, et. al. Performance of the SciCR as a component muon detector of the Global Muon Detector Network (GMDN)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0373
0374 Vol. 5  23 HE3.1 K. Taki, O. Adriani, L. Bonechi, et. al. Luminosity determination in sqrt{s}=7TeV proton Collisions Using The LHCf Front Counter at LHC   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0374
0375 Vol. 11  363 SH4.2 V.P. Antonova, A.P. Chubenko, S.V. Kryukov, et. al. Thermal neutron variations of interplanetary, atmospheric and lithospheric origin   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0375
0376 Vol. 11  301 SH4.1 M. Kozai, K. Munakata, C. Kato, et. al. Average spatial density gradient of galactic cosmic rays and its temporal variation observed with the Global Muon Detector Network (GMDN)   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0376
0377 Vol. 6  346 OG1.5 Jin Chang TANSUON mission,for high energy electron and gamma-ray observation  oral  
0378 Vol. 5  27 HE3.1 T.Mase, O.Adriani, L.Bonechi, et. al. The performance of the LHCf detectors   10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0378
0379 Vol. 1  62  HE1.1 M. Amenomori, X. J. Bi, D. Chen, et. al. Time Dependence of Loss-Cone Amplitude measured with the Tibet Air-Shower Array oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V01/0379
0380 Vol. 5  31 HE3.1 Tadeusz Wibig The LHC inclusive results and interaction model extrapolatins to the UHECR domain. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0380
0381 Vol. 10  80 SH1.3 Kochanov A., Prosovetsky D., Myagkova I. Sources of high-speed solar wind in the lower corona   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0381
0384 Vol. 7  111 OG2.2 Anne Bochow, Svenja Carrigan, Henning Gast, et. al. Very-high-energy gamma-radiation from supernova remnants as seen with H.E.S.S. oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0384
0385 Vol. 5  89 HE3.3 V. Popa Nuclearite search with the ANTARES neutrino telescope oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V05/0385
0386 Vol. 4  173 HE2.3 Vlad Popa Test of a multi-PMT optical module on the ANTARES site   10.7529/ICRC2011/V04/0386
0387 Vol. 10  173 SH1.6 E.A. Maurchev, Yu.V. Balabin A new neutron spectrometer with narrow acceptance diagram   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0387
0388 Vol. 11  111 SH3.3 T. Yeeram, D. Ruffolo, A. Sáiz, et. al. Effects of Coronal Hole Morphology and High Speed Solar Wind Streams on Diurnal Variations in Galactic Cosmic Rays   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0388
0389 Vol. 9  18 OG2.5 P. Vogler, H. Anderhub, M. Backes, et. al. Trigger and Data Acquisition electronics for the Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode Cherenkov Telescope Camera of FACT
mount for the high energy section of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V09/0389
0390 Vol. 10  108 SH1.4 Urs Ganse, Felix Spanier, Rami Vainio Fundamental Processes of Radio Emissions from CME shocks oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0390
0391 Vol. 11  47 SH3.2 Ra Burger The three-dimensional drift velocity field inside the heliospheric termination shock oral  
0393 Vol. 2  55  HE1.3 Mariangela Settimo An update on a search for ultra-high energy photons using the Pierre Auger Observatory oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V02/0393
0394 Vol. 11  181 SH3.4 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi shra, P. K. Selot Long-term variations of solar, interplanetary and geomagnetic indices   10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0394
0395 Vol. 10  112 SH1.4 Rekha Agarwal, Rajesh K. Mi shra, P. K. Selot Role of recent major solar flare event on cosmic rays as well as on geomagnetic activity   10.7529/ICRC2011/V10/0395
0397 Vol. 11  115 SH3.3 K. Kecskemety, M.A. Zeldovich, Yu.I. Logachev Relative abundances of quiet-time suprathermal ions at 1 AU oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V11/0397
0398 Vol. 3  88  HE1.4 F. Garino, A. Guzman, M. Bertaina, et. al. Cloud Coverage and its Implications for Cosmic Ray Observation from Space   10.7529/ICRC2011/V03/0398
0399 Vol. 7  115 OG2.2 E. Carmona, J. Krause, I. Reichardt Probing proton acceleration in W51C with MAGIC oral 10.7529/ICRC2011/V07/0399