The ICRC2011 Proceedings


Talks of  ICRC2011 are ready on web page

Many thanks for your cooperation and support on uploading the plenary and
parallel talks on the web page. Most of the talks are now ready for download
( ).

We have received some posters and will upload them in the same place soon.


Usefull information for ICRC2011 participants

Map of restaurants and snacks conference venue


Attention Winners of the 2011 Awards/Medals/Prizes
O'Ceallaigh Medal : Alan Watson (UK)
Yodh Prize : W. Vernon Jones (USA)
Homi Bhabha Medal and Prize : Arnold Wolfendale (UK)
Shakti Duggal Award : Lukasz Stawarz (Poland)
IUPAP Young Scientist Awards : Viviana Scherini (Italy) and  Jose Bellido Caceres (Australia)

Attention to paper submission and registration
Because the deadline for submission of proceeding paper (June 10) is near but still some of papers are not received, please send your papers earlier in order to avoid submission jam time at the deadline. It should be noticed that the deadline is for submission of both oral reports and poster reports at the different sessions, but not for invited talks, highlight talks and rapporteur talks. Moreover, some of presenters have not registered yet, so please register earlier at to get an registration ID number (not same as abstract ID number).

News about Deadline for the submission of papers
Because deadline for abstract submission was delayed,  deadline for the submission of papers is delayed to June 10, 2011.

Template of  collaboration member list 
Please collaborations provide collaboration member list. Here is a template of collaboration member list: icrc2011_CML.rar. Please send both pdf and latex file to

Notification on the acceptance of abstracts of contribution reports
The file ICRC2011_contribution_oral_ID.txt contains the ID number of submitted papers that are accepted as oral, and ICRC2011_contribution_poster_ID.txt contains the ID numbers that are accepted as poster. Giving the fact that too many oral requests have been received which is far from the allowance of the conference time, NOC had to transfer some of the requests to the poster session. However, we may not be able to make the best choice for everyone. In case that any collaboration or individual reporter want to rearrange your (oral/poster) papers before the deadline of paper submission (June 1st), weĦŻll respect your wishes. WeĦŻd like to emphasized that one presenter can give at most one oral report and one poster report, or, if no oral report, two poster reports. It should be noted that if a presenter does not come to conference or make no registration by conference time, his/her presentation would be canceled, and the correspondent paper would not be included in the proceedings.

News about Notification of acceptance of abstracts
Because Deadline for abstract submission was delayed, notification of acceptance of abstracts is delayed to May 13, 2011.

Reminder - book your hotel rooms early!
The time of ICRC 2011 will be the busiest tourist season in Beijing, you are kindly reminded to book your hotel rooms early!
The LOC has contracted 380 rooms at a preferential price in the two hotels that are most convenient and are within walking distances to the conference venue. (Please refer to Accommodations 1 and 2) 
Information on the third one, the Holiday Inn is also provided in Accommodations 3. But since we have no contract with this hotel, the rooms of this hotel are not guaranteed. 
The LOC will be responsible for making reservations for those who would enjoy free accommodations.

News about pre-registration and abstract submission:
Deadline for pre-registration and abstract submission is delayed to March 31, 2011. Besides, considering situation of the heavy earthquake in Japan, if any colleagues from Japan or related to Japan hope to delay more days, you may contact us to ask for it and please inform how many days you prefer to delay.

About abstract submission, due to limitation of INDICO system, There is no blank for collaboration name. However, You may alternatively use "new co-auther", filling "on behalf of" in "*Family name", " the XYZ collaboration" in "*First name", and Primary author's affiliation. Sorry for inconvenience.

News for Abstract Submission:
Please register firstly at and then login the indico webpage to submit your abstracts. Please note that:
1. One of options of "Presentation type" should be selected as "oral" or "poster". If "not specified", it will be regarded as poster.
2. One and only one of options of "Track classification" should be selected.
3. In "Comments", please fill in "Keywords: ...".
4. As the presenter, one can only submit at most one oral report and one poster report.